Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You Got to Get it Underway

Here is some kind of building brace I felt the need to photograph.

I mentioned in a comment on My Boring Life blog that I keep forgetting it's almost Christmas. LauraB. asked me how I could possibly forget, what with being bombarded with all the stuff in stores and commercials and all. How I do it, is that I live in my own world. I see all the stuff when I go into stores, and think, "Oh yeah. It's that time again." But then I go on my way and start thinking about some other stupid shit and forget, until I accidentally walk into a wrapping paper display.

I know I've talked at you about my love/hate relationship with Christmas many times before. I've had so many crappy ones in the past, that the last few years I've tried to do as much of the parts I like as possible and forget the rest. I still do a family Christmas thing or two, but I keep the gift buying and holiday festivities to a minimum...Unless I think they're going to be really fun.

This weekend will be my first holiday celebrating of the season. Friday night I'll make some frosted sugar cookies. On Saturday my aunt and my sister will come up and we'll go to the matinee performance of Coadster's Winter show choir festivities. In the evening, there are a few fun events. One is the The Load of Craft sale at the Picador where my friend J. and this other guy Fodge (they call themselves Killed by Death) will spin their funky fresh serious metal grooves from 6-8. I've wanted to check them out forever, but they usually spin records on Tuesday nights and I think we all know that I'm too old to stay out late on a school night.

Later in the evening, I'll be meeting a bunch of chuckle heads for the the Santa Crawl. I've got my clothes all picked out, and my boots are made for walking and then maybe stumbling a little by the end of the evening.

On Sunday we won't rest like we should. Instead we'll go to a farm on Dane Road and cut down our tree. At three I'm meeting friends down at the Vine for the BIG GAME of the Steelers against The Patriots. I pretty much have to watch it for sure, and even then, I'm a little afraid that my mojo won't be enough.

Once the game is over, I'll go home and the girls and I will decorate our tree. I'm kind of excited about coming home for the next couple of weeks and having our house smell so strongly of pine. I still need to do the tiny little bit of shopping I actually do for people, and so I'm taking a half day of vacation on the Friday before Christmas so the girls and I can go see a movie and finish anything that didn't get done beforehand.

Cookies, beer, football, RAWK! and movies - see what I mean? None of that should really be too bad, and some of it will probably actually be fun. Bring it on, bitches.


dmarks said...

Be thankful for that building brace above you. How would it have been like in that spot had the brace and its "colleagues" not been there?

Remiman said...

I too find that Christmas means more if I ignore the commercial huppla and just try to feel like I did when I was twelve.

evil-e said...

Keep that Steeler mojo RAWKIN!!

Sounds like you got a lot working this weekend. Now, I need to know more about those cookies....

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

You might need the brace when stumbling home Sounds like you got it all worked out.. Now if I could only finsih decorating...

booda baby said...

Yee and ha!! As long as every place you go to is toasty warm, that sounds to me like an impossible to beat weekend!! I would also like to know why Christmas trees in Iowa seem so much more beautiful and fragrant than trees in snow-free California. It's Christmas that tempts a return - oh yeah, talk of going back to Iowa is ALWAYS on our family's table.

Margaret said...

that's so much hliday to pack into one weekend

DJSassafrass said...

I am a humbug (colin too). Perhaps it has to do with our December bdays..anyway, I say right on, take what you like about it and ignore the rest. I ignore so much that I go to Vegas!!!

Not Fainthearted said...

I'd like to give you a geeky 'high-five' for wrestling this season to the ground and making it behave the way you want it to.

have fun. And watch out for freaking frost bite.

fringes said...

I'll be watching your Steelers. Not sure if I want to root for the underdog or if I want the Pats to vanquish everyone in their path. I'll get back to you on that.

Emma said...

Christmas is also stressful for me, I prefer Thanksgiving. The food is better :)

Tara said...

Have fun with all those plans and festivities! The craft show sounds fun too.

Brando said...

Now that sounds like a weekend.

I can't decide if I want the Steelers to win, or the Pats to go undefeated and then lose in the first round of the playoffs. Boston would burn to the ground if that happened.

NoRegrets said...

I'm assuming you want the Steelers? If you do, so sorry they'll lose.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I keep forgetting too until I need to go to a store for something and then I get irritable.

I'm putting up a tree for the first time in 3 years and I'm hoping that will make me less grumpy.

another good thing said...

What is the SANTA CRAWL? I tried to get my 3 friends to do a 4 person 4 bar pub crawl, using the first letters of our names- so it would be the KARL crawl- which I thought was frickin' funny-- they? not so much. I think we're gonna get pedicures instead. Shit. I need new friends.

laura b. said...

Way to work that holiday magic! I think we will try to get our tree this weekend.

Les Q said...

I watched my first xmas movie for the season last was 'Bad Santa' with billy bob thornton...
I thought it was very funny....I just loved that fat kid LOL

Churlita said...


It would have been disastrous?


Luckily, I'm still always 12.


I make the best frosted sugar cookies. Is that what you meant?


yeah, I don't do a whole lot of decorating besides the tree.


You know, Christmas in Iowa can be kind of nice. It might even be a white one this year.


I know. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.


Hey, at least you guys feel the same way. It sucks to be a bah humbugger when you're dating someone who totally hearts the holidays.


I don't quite have it wrestled down yet. Let's save that high five for New Year's Eve, over a glass of champagne.


You gotta go for the underdog...Or maybe that's the Chicago teams fan in me talking.


I'm right there with you, sister.


The craft show is tons of fun. Last year, they raffled off free tattoos.


Oh my god. You're right. The whole town would go up in flames.

No Regrets,

Sssshhh. I prefer to live in denial until Sunday at 7'ish.


It just might work, until you have to take it down.


Why does it have to be instead? Can't you get a pedicure and THEN go on a pub crawl?


Sweet. Let's both try to take pictures, 'kay?

Les Q,

Bad Santa is pretty funny...Wrong, but funny.