Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Running Over the Same Old Ground

Here are some flowers from our garden last year.

Tonight, I have no idea what the hell I'm going to write about. I hope you you're all excited to read the kind of disjointed post you've come to expect from me. I promise I won't disappoint.

I got to see Coadster for about a half an hour on her birthday. She had an out of town soccer game and didn't get home until 9:30. I'd start singing, "Cats in the Cradle" right now, but it might make me too sad. She said a friend of hers put a sign on her locker that said she was "halfway to thirty" and it made her feel old. Boy, that feeling starts young, doesn't it?

Do me a favor and remind me never to go out and drink beer on a Sunday night ever again. It kicked my ass the whole next day. I was supposed to meet some people on Monday evening, and I had to lame-out. Now, what was I just saying about feeling old?

Tomorrow, I'm going to get my ass out and work in the garden. We have so much to do, and the veggies aren't just going to grow themselves. I'm kind of excited because I haven't had my hands dirty in a long time, and I love most of K.'s neighbors. I get to see them a lot more in the Summer when I'm out there, so I have even more incentive to go out and get busy.

Well, that's all I'm capable of tonight. Was it random, and disjointed enough for you? If not, I'm sure I can do better on another night. In fact, you'll probably find out sooner than you want to.


Babybull40 said...

Gardening is something I enjoy and getting all dirty.. I'm a dirty girl.. it gets in my hair all over my legs and arms.. Love it... and it's good therapy too...those are pretty flowers...

Brando said...

The farther away you get from school, the harder it gets to drink on a school night.

Margaret said...

boy, does a 16 year old really know what it is to feel old?

booda baby said...

No. You did pretty good. You could do the disjointed a little better, but random was okay.

We put our garden in two weeks ago and already everything's on the verge of EXPLODING. California. Wow. What a place.

Dagromm said...

I haven't even thought about the fact that at some point the kids will have birthday's that I'm not a part of. Woah. I've got to sit down.

Heather Anne said...

Are you quoting Pink Floyd there in your title? Love it.

Tara said...

I'll remind you not to go out drinking on Sunday night if you do the same for me. Mondays are hard enough, but to be sick from the night before is horrible.

Poptart said...

Yeah, I coulda warned you about the sunday night drinkin. Or any school-night drinkin...heck, YOU coulda warned you about it, but you did it anyway. That's what I love about you.

Coadster halfway to 30. That's rich!

evil-e said...

Random is my middle name (actually it's my blog's name)

Drinking beer on Sunday is never a good idea. I like beer, I like Sunday, but I do not like to mix the two.

Billy Butthole said...

Dude, What's up with all the Pink Floyd, that's at least 3 this month. I thought you hated Floyd. And the police between 2 pink floyd quotes is totally inappropriate.

P.S I'm going to bonnaroo next month and I'll see the Police exactly 25 years from the last time I saw them play. you want to talk about feeling old?

Churlita said...


I hear you on gardening and getting dirty. Woo hoo.


Is that a nice way of saying, when you're older the harder it gets to drink on a school night?


She's 15 and she feels old. Scaaaa-reee.

Booda Baby,

I'm usually so good at disjointed. I feel like I failed you all.


Yeah. It's weird. The good thing, is that there is a lot less plastic crap that you have to find a place to put afterward.

Heather Anne,

Wish You Were Here is my all time favorite Pink Floyd song.


It's a deal.


I think that's what makes me dumb. It's weird to think of Coadster as being anywhere near thirty.


I think you're right there. No need to mix the two.

Random is good.

Billy Butthole,

That's two Pink Floyd songs this month. I don't hate Pink Floyd, I think you were thinking of the problems I had with all those vagina looking flowers swallowing up the men in The Wall. I'm also not all that into new Pink Floyd.

Remember how much I over-played Darkside of the Moon in high school, though? Plus, I've always loved Wish You Were Here. I way over-played that when I lived with Jill in college.

I didn't know you were going to see the Police. I'm jealous now.

So, what do you think of the new Rush album?