Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Look What's Happening Out in the Streets

Coadster protesting something when she was younger.

Today Coadster participated in a walk-out to protest the war in Iraq. A bunch of kids left school at noon and assembled in front of the high school to paint peace signs on their faces and then march downtown to the Ped Mall where there were bands and speakers and people wearing patchouli and eating lots of hippie food.

I thought it might be a good experience for Coadster to exert her constitutional rights and increase her awareness about political issues. Um, I must have been smoking crack. Coadster is dangerously close to turning fifteen. Apparently, she was mainly aware of the fact that many of the guys who marched were totally hot. She even used her sharp, organizational skills, to put them in order from super cute, down to just okay. I did try to find out more from her, besides which guys were attractive.

Me: So, what other things did you learn from the rally.

Coadster: Well, I noticed that all the college kids who organized it were kind of hairy.

Me: The guys or the girls?

Coadster: Both. None of them shaved and so there was just a lot of hair all over people.

Me: Welcome to the wonderful, hirsute, world of left-wing politics.


Danny said...

Love it!! Anything to keep her away from the Young Republican League.

Remiman said...

"Back to the future"?

Mr Atrocity said...

One is hoping that the junior membership of such stalwart organisations as the NRA or the Young Republicans don't have enough thumbs or chromosomes between them to be classed as "hot". Otherwise, Daughter #1 may have to be disowned.

Margaret said...

just a lot of hair all over people, what a keen observation

Sarah said...

I am cracking up.

fringes said...

I slept overnight in an overtaken administration building once. I am a better person for it.

Brando said...

That's right, no five-bladed Gillette facism over here!

Your daughters are hilarious.

Tara said...

There were rumors of having a walk-out back when I was in high school to protest Desert Storm. That particular protest fizzled out. I'm sure there were hairy people protesting that one other times, though.

Churlita said...


Oh yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking.



Mr Atrocity,

I can't imagine my daughter dating a republican. She would take issue with every one of their beliefs.


I think it's the difference between being in high school where everyone is terrified to draw attention to themselves, and college, where some populations don't care so much any more.


Good. Can you just hear her?


I've done my fair share of political rabble rousing, so I love it that she's getting involved as well.


Keep your facism and your razors away.


Our town is pretty politically left, so these protests seem to happen more often than not.

booda baby said...

It's as good a way as any, to consider your politics through the lens of personal grooming habits. Although a lot of those Republicans will fool you.

Mr Atrocity said...

Churlita, I kind of assumed that would probably be the case.

In the interests of the culturally studious I should point out that our lefties in the UK tend be hairier than their conservative brethren too. Therefore, perhaps razors should be taxed more heavily to encourage a more "enlightened" politcal viewpoint if this is a direct case of cause and effect?

Bob said...

That's freaking hilarious! Did she say anything about the smell?

Rachel said...

did she get in trouble at the school for participating in the walk out?
I remember when I was in school then threatened us with suspension.

evil-e said...

Sounds like Kent State, patchouli, hacky-sacks, no shoes, and that funny smell that smells like Otto's jacket.

I was in high school from 85-89, there was never anything to protest....or I was too stoned....

Churlita said...

Booda Baby,

So, next year, MTV will start their wash the vote campaign?

Mr. Atrocity,

Start it on your side of the ocean and let me know how it works. It would be harder here, since Americans are really squeamish about taxes in general.


She was born and raised in Iowa City, I think she's just used to the smell now.


I called in and told them she would be leaving at noon for personal reasons - no trouble at all.


Here they get stoned, and THEN protest.