Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Butterfiles and Zebras and Moonbeams and Fairy Tales

I think I already put this up on my old blog, but I've run out of photos. That's one thing I plan on doing this weekend - taking pictures. If you're lucky, I'll even get one of a gigantic wooden nickel. I fuckin' love Iowa.

It's another one of those nights where I have no idea what to write about. I know I was just talking about how much time I'm taking off in the next few months, but the last two days have been a little on the hectic side. I was going to try to see my friend Ed Gray play at the hall mall last night, but after that Sunday night escapade, I decided that I shouldn't go out during the week. So, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Hmmm, fascinating.

Coadster had her last soccer game on Monday. It seems like soccah season goes on forever. Now it's over and while I'm happy, I think Coadster's a little sad. It will be good for me because I won't have to feel like a total Beavis parent for laughing when someone says, "Nice head,"
after a girl stops the ball with her forehead..."Hee hee. He said, head. Hee hee."

Tonight Coadster had her last choir concert. While I really like to support my girls in their endeavors and I know how important it is because my aunt and uncle never came to watch me do anything in high school and wah and wah and poor me and shit; I have to say, the concert was a little long. I would have loved to go in and cut at least one song from each choir. There were seriously seven different choirs for one high school. The saddest part, was that my friend Ben wasn't there to reinterpret the Latin lyrics into something crude with me. Instead, the uptight woman who drank beer and lemonade with me and my friends a couple of Fridays ago, sat down beside me. I tried really hard not to speak, because the last time I talked to her, she basically told me she was a better parent than me, and I didn't want to embarrass Coadster by shanking her classmate's mom during the concert.

Besides a slight headache, that's all I really have for you tonight. It was still probably too much, wasn't it?


MonkeyDragon said...

we aren't bad moms for hating the length of some of these school and sport programs, right? or that certain times of year we spend every weeknight at a child's event and fantasize about "alone time" . . .

Matt said...

Someone shanked 'hate mom' long ago and she's just trying to pay the hatred forward. Brava for breaking the cycle.

We had the last choir and band concerts last week. I love them but not 4 in a row.

fringes said...

I hate shank mom.

Yay for extracurricular activities winding down.

What's up for the summer?

Remiman said...

I love how graphic you are, even when you describe the "mundane." ;-)

Lynnster said...

About the uptight mom - just remember, you wouldn't be able to blog from prison. Good for you on not shanking her. ;)

Babybull40 said...

Soccah season is starting up here.. and it goes on forever .. But I don't play and I don't watch.. unless it's the world cup.. I'm sure the girls love having that support.. You are an good Mom.. Choir.. I love choirs.. Is she really good?

Heather Anne said...

I impatiently await a photo of the very large nickel.

booda baby said...

This is such a stupid but sincere question: are you really expected to attend every event, performance, game, match, meet, and show your children are in?

That doesn't make sense to moi. I mean, what's the reasoning? (That's rhetorical because I'd never expect you to explain the whole culture. Unless you could. I think you'd explain it really well.)

notfainthearted said...

Heh, nice one. Glad you didn't shank her, but I know what you mean. I got to sit in front of my exhusband and a couple who used to be some of my best friends. Put on your happy face!

dolittle said...

Why do you say "soccah" rather than soccerrrrrrr when you are not from the Northeast like myself? Only we Massholes get away with that ( pak the ka and all that shizzle)! Oh and perhaps our even more Northern brethren in Maine - can't get therah from herah!


Dagromm said...

I've still got dane recital to sit through. It will be guaranteed to be longer than ever this year. That will be an entire day off that i'll never get back.

Dagromm said...

dance recital not dane recital. In case your curious.

David in DC said...

Booda Baby: You have to attend as many as you possibly can. Then cut yourself plenty of slack about the rest.

You enroll them in these things to build skills, confidence, discipline, friend-making capacity, jerk-dealing-with capacity, etc.

No matter what they tell you, your presence is important. It validates their experience. It makes them more confident and more secure people.

Then, in adolescence, your very existence is embarassing to them, let alone your presence. So you take your cue on how important your attendance is from them.

But you still try to go to most things, as unembarrassingly as you can manage while still engaging in occasional respiration.

Because there are few rewards in life as sweet as watching your kid behave the way you hoped they would.

evil-e said...

You said "shanking", that's awesome. I have not heard that one since I worked with an ex-con at this one restaurant many years ago.

As far as the shanking victim to be, let her go on in her little fantasy world. Give it some time and you will end up having the best and last laugh.

Churlita said...


I agree. There is just a lot asked of us, is all.


I think she's just unhappy and feels threatened by other women.

Happy to hear, that most of your stuff is over.


I know. I feel sorry for her, because I know she's unhappy and insecure, but jeez.


Thanks. I guess I have to go with my strengths.


She's so not worth living in a cell and making license plates over.


I just watch my daughter's games.

Heather Anne,

I'll try sometime next week.

Booda BAby,

Read what David in DC said. When Coadster participated in that march, I went to meet her and she has told me over and over again how much that meant to her.

Not Faint hearted,

When my ex shows up, he usually sits in the balcony and I sit on the main floor.


Are DANE recitals particularly long in general?

David in DC,

Exactly. But my girls still haven't outgrown wanting me to be there to see them in their endeavors. You'd think of all the parents, I'd be the most embarrassing.


I'm more making fun of myself for being from Iowa and trying to sound all street. I didn't even think of the East Coast variation.


I like to sound all tough when I do the nerdiest thing ever. (ie blog)

Dagromm said...

If they are Dane Cook recitals then yes they are particularly long and unfunny. Not blue collar comedy tour unfunny, but not too far off.

Leo said...

Is that the Theisens over in Tipton?

Churlita said...


Ha ha. Hee hee.


Yes it is. Good eye.