Monday, May 07, 2007

Everything Will be Alright, Tonight

Here is our garden from last year.

I have agreed to do an interview from Margaret. I was hoping I'd be in a better space tonight to do this, but unfortunately, I'm still not the happiest girl in the whole USA right now. I'm not sure I'll do it justice, but I'll try really hard. I'm supposed to ask people if they want me to interview them, but again, I don't think I'm up for that. I can't imagine anyone will be too shocked that I'm not playing by the rules. Here are the five questions Margaret asked me:

1. What reality TV show would you be on if you had to be on one?

I don't think anyone would ever pick me to be on a reality show. I don't do drama. A friend once told me I should be on Survivor, but after everyone started getting all bitchy and mean, I'd probably take off and find someplace quiet to hang out by myself. They wouldn't even be able to find me to vote me off.

2. Newspapers, magazines, books, or the internets: which is your favorite media?

I would like to be able to answer this question by saying books, but the numbers don't lie and I spend WAY more time on the internet than I do reading novels these days. Hmmm.

3. If you had to give-up one of your 5 senses: which one and why?

This one is really tough. I've always thought that if I lost my sight, I would finally become completely autistic and never leave my scary little brain. I love to eat, so taste would be out. As Mr. Atrocity pointed out, not being able to hear, would mean not being able to listen to music. Being a very affectionate person, my sense of touch is also really important. I guess it just leaves my sense of smell. There are a lot of scents I'd miss, but after being in high school and detasseling corn next to a giant feedlot on the hottest day of the year, I know there are plenty of aromas I'd be happy not to have to experience.

4. If Ben & Jerry's were to name an ice cream flavor after you, what would it be?

Answering this question tonight, I'd have to say, Piss and Vinegar. I guess it'd have to be a sorbet. It would also probably be the least profitable flavor they ever tried to market.

5. If you could start a new holiday:, what, when, and how would you celebrate?

I think I'd invent a "Get out of jail free day". It would be one day out of the year that each person could pick whenever they wanted to take off work and do whatever they wanted without hurting anyone else. Once again, I'm all for people doin' their own things, man. You dig?


Remiman said...

Sorry to read that you're still outa sorts.
Piss & vineger sorbert? Might go good with salt & vinegar chips.
Have a good day kiddo.

Margaret said...

i'd wish i had no sense of smell sitting down to a heaping bowl of piss and vinegar sorbet

Babybull40 said...

Those are good questions.. and pretty honest answers.. I hope the Piss and Vinegar flavour chnages to something somewhat more tasty..That I wouldn't want to taste..

paintergirl said...

I like your holiday! I'm with you on the senses. Sight forget about it-hearing-I think I would go insane. taste-why eat?

mac said...

Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmm... a big 'o bowl of piss & vinegar! Grab two spoons and we'll share. I'm not in that mood but no one should have to eat alone.

Heather Anne said...

I dig, for real. I support your holiday 100%!

Churlita said...


Yeah, that combination could just be enough to rot your gut in less than an hour.


Exactly. I guess you wouldn't want to let it melt either.


I'm sure tomorrow, I'll feel better and change it to Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake or some shit.


Thanks. I think I'd rather have it last a week, though.


Thanks. that's mighty supportive of you.

Heather Anne,

Right on. Right on.

Rachel said...

The only problem with losing your sense of smell is that you also lost 90% of your sense of taste.
At that point Piss & Vinegar sorbet might be tasty.

Dagromm said...

Don't fret too much. Thngs'll get better. Even Piss & Vinegar sorbet eventually.....Man, I've got nothin'. But it'll get better. I promise.

mist1 said...

I'm gonna pass on that sorbet.

Q said...

Is it balsamic vinegar in that sorbet?

Anonymous said...
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egan said...

I would go on The Amazing Race without a doubt and/or Survivor. Those are my two favorites. Piss and vinegar ice cream might not be too appealing.

egan said...

Holy spam Churlita!!

evil-e said...

The sense of smell is very closely realated to taste, if you cannot smell you cannot taste.....

Piss and Vinegar is a great idea for an ice cream flavor.

I agree with #5 completely. I take "healthy holidays" now, but it involves burning a sick day.

Churlita said...


In the pretend world of memes, we're pretending that you can lose one and only one sense.


Things were much better today.


Who can blame you.


That's right. nothing but the best for Ben and Jerry's.


I could see you on both. I also deleted the big scary piece of spam. I love being the Blog administrator.


Doesn't an emotional health day sound great right now?