Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh Yeah, It Was Electric, So Frightfully Hectic

Now, here is a photo I took last year of some fungus in my friend K.'s backyard. Who knew it could be so pretty?

Today all I can give you is a quickie. I've given it to you long and slow before, so I don't want to hear any of you calling me selfish or lazy.

I went to Stinky's last junior high band concert of the year. It was great to see all their progress and stuff, but mostly I sat in awe of the band director. Those wacky band kids were all as fidgety as I was, and you don't know fidgety, until you watch me try to sit for an hour and a half and listen to a bunch of almost recognizable songs where the timing keeps changing. Have I ever told you how much I love my daughter? Well, I love her enough to sit through her band concerts, and that's a lot.

Now, I have to attend to some shit around my house. The city inspectors are coming around to check on our apartment tomorrow. I cleaned the hell out of my place this weekend, so it looks nice and smells really good. The thing I have to do now, is straighten a few papers, (remember how I have that expanding paper problem?) check all the light bulbs, and unplug any three pronged outlet adapters. That ought to keep me busy for an hour or so.

There you have it. This post was quick and not as painful as attending a junior high band concert.


Remiman said...

A quickie is ok once in awhile! ;-)
I prefer long and slow though,if you plase.

Babybull40 said...

Quick and painless. I hope all goes well with the city inspectors..come back soon and blog about them....lol

booda baby said...

And no scraping/jolting/frontal lobe screwing tune-age.

Thank you.

Heather Anne said...

When you're finished there, will you be folding all the laundry that is on my kitchen table?

mist1 said...

If the city inspectors came to my house, I would have to stand in front of that one closet where I stash all the crap that I never fully put away. They can inspect all they want to, as long as they don't go in there.

Churlita said...


You and me both.


I don't have to be there. That's what my landlord gets paid for.

Booda Baby,

Exactly. See? My blog could be so much worse.

Heather Anne,

My daughter takes care of that at my house. Maybe she could come over and help you out.


I have that closet too. I wish there was some way to lock it.

Dagromm said...

That was great. I need a nap now.

Tara said...

I've gone to some concerts my nephews have performed in, and as they get older, the music does become more recognizable. One time we were listening to my nephew's orchestra warm up. His younger brother turned to me and said loudly "They're terrible!" I shooshed him and he said in a quieter tone, "They're terrible!" I told him they were just warming up and he seemed content. Hehe.

othurme said...

Thanks for the quickie, though it seems odd to experience one while talking about a junior high band concert.

evil-e said...

I love the quicky, I think...been a while. Anyway

This is something I have never heard of. The city actually comes in and checks out an apartment. They would have fallen asleep with mine. (neatnik)

Lynnster said...

I must have missed something somewhere. Why are the city inspectors coming to inspect your apartment?

And glad you are feeling better but sorry to hear you had a funkified weekend. You weren't alone tho, me too - most of last week and the weekend as well. Here's to better days.

Churlita said...


The snorgasm is the best part of the quickie.


It's hard to tell the warming up from the performance sometimes.

Evil-E and Lynnster,

They aren't looking for how tidy your place is, it's more that they're looking to see if you have working smoke detectors or if your using a power strip instead of a regular extension chord.

I think it's just to make sure that everything is up to code - a way of checking up on landlords in a college town where so many people rent.

Dexter said...

We had the inspectors recently too. Our 80 year old landlord came over to replace batteries and check fire extinguishers. Being my naturally helpful self I was "assisting" with one of the old fire extinguishers when I discharged the chemical powder all over our landlord. OOps. I guess we need a new one afterall.

Churlita said...


That's really funny. We have to get our fire extinguisher replaced and our bathroom needs to be repainted according to the inspectors.

Poptart said...

Dang! I wish the inspectors in Chicago gave a shit about renters - although my place would surely be condemned...

Churlita said...


I'm sure it would be way to big a task in Chicago.