Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's Talk About the Future Now We've Put That Past Away

Here in Iowa, we have lots of barns.

I live in a duplex, and right now two women live above me. I don't think they knew each other before they moved in and apparently, they don't get along.

One of them is a nursing major who drives a silver BMW. She comes home late and drunk most nights. Judging from the sounds emanating from their apartment, she must also bring home several midgets that she makes curl up and then throws into bowling pins in her living room. I think she's said "hi" to me once or twice. I have a feeling we will never be best friends and call each other to talk about our boyfriends or the cute shoes we just bought.

The other roommate is a graduate student from Germany. She is very personable, her English is better than mine, (which, I guess isn't saying much) and she brought me homemade brownies one night last Winter when I had a craving for chocolate, but was too lazy to leave my house in order to buy any. The best thing about her, is that she seems to have an endless supply of really hot, nerdy looking guy friends (you know the kind that wear the Elvis Costello glasses?) who come over and sit in our front yard smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. In other words, she's perfect.

The bad news, is that the perfect roommate is leaving to go home to Germany for the Summer tomorrow, so I'm stuck with the sounds of midget bowling upstairs. The good news, is that the German roommate is coming back in the Fall and the BMW girl is moving out, so my chocolate consumption, as well as the scenery should really pick-up for the rest of the year here.


Remiman said...

A nursing student with a BMW? Hmmm, there's a part to this story that's yet to be told!

Maybe bowling with midgets is a lucrative side line. ;-)

Margaret said...

oooo, so jealous, all i've got for neighbor scenery is an old man tinkering on old cars and a kid with his own skateboard ramp

Babybull40 said...

I have a Chilian lady next door that brings us homemade goodies every so often.. And other neighbours that keep to themselves.. and say hello in passing and talk about mundane thngs like the weather.. I crave chocolate.. especially brownies.They sound yummylicious.. Maybe she can come visit here for the

mist1 said...

You can call me to talk about your cute shoes. I didn't even know they had shoes in Iowa.

A said...

Once in Austin we had a neighbor in an apartment who thought it was ok to come home from the bars drunk with his friends, plug their guitars into amps and play music - real loud - in the room next to my bedroom - at 2 AM - because we were living in "the live music capital of the world" I just didn't know that meant free bad concerts in my own bedroom -
We had a few words about it all - you know I"m such an old fuddy duddy - Good Neighbors can make such a difference

Dagromm said...

I might rank your neighbors differently. On the one hand there's nurse, BMW, midget connoisouer. On the other hand there's German, chocolate. Ooooh, I can't decide.

booda baby said...

Thanks for the yesterday's explanation, dc dave.

Anyone who's ever doubted that the world's unfair has never lived on the ground floor.

Kirsten said...

Yep. I've never underestimated the general "hotness" (what a word) of Elvis Costello types.

Elvis's even got it going on as an almost old guy!? How'd he pull that off? But it is nice to think he's settled down and seems to be in love.

Churlita said...


I believe she's from some money.


Skate board ramps are pretty cool, though.


Maybe when she gets back from Germany, I'll send her over.


We have to wear them when it gets cold here. We usually just buy boots that match are Carhart's though.


Kind of like me complaining about the upstairs midget bowling.


I guess being of opposite genders, we judge people diffrently, huh?

Booda Baby,

It is better when you move in and out, but most other things suck.


He has aged well. I think those boys are nice to look at, but I usually don't have that much in common with them.

Poptart said...

Ugh, I feel for you.

I can't live below people ever since my horrible "garden" apartment experience: the 2-year-old with rolling and clanging toys and her bitchy mother who wore high heels and got ready above my head at 5:30am every day - and they didn't believe in carpeting. They also wouldn't let me use the yard or the laundry machines, even though they were two feet from my area, and, even though they said they'd repaint for me, they didn't because they thought I would 'learn to live with' the BRIGHT ROYAL BLUE walls with SKY BLUE trim that the previous tenant had painted the entire, tiny 6-foot-ceiling place.

Oooh, I want to move in with the German girl.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love barns. I also love neighbors with chocolate. My neighbor downstairs tends to being me honey butter and bread. And chocolate turtles.

evil-e said...

Us Germans rule....(I'm a Kraut)

I would be a bit leary of a nursing student with a Beamer, how'd she "earn" that? Maybe her bowling is better than you can summize?

I used to live next door to a group(I have no idea how many of them) of East Indians. They were very nice and very personable, but they were loud, strange at times, and would start cooking things with onions and saphron at 3 in the morning....

Churlita said...


You would probably love the German girl, but I think maybe her boyfriend is already moving in with her, so there wouldn't be room.


Your downstairs neighbor sounds awesome.


That smell would be hard to take at 3 am.