Saturday, April 28, 2007

Takes a Lot of Time to Push Away the Nonsense

Hey, I'm recycling this photo from my old blog. I think it's real purty.

I didn't blog last night because I was in a bit of a funk. I was still kind of sick from the day before, but I was in denial and went running anyway. Duh. It kind of knocked me out all over again.

I still think there is some bad juju around town. After the bomb threat earlier in the week, on Thursday, we had another weird thing in the building across the street from our offices. I missed it, since I was busy at home being sick. I guess, some bozo thought it would be really funny to go to class with his hood over his face, and then take it off to reveal the ski mask he was wearing even though it was way too warm for it. He didn't remove it, because you know how funny it is to try to freak people out in your lecture so soon after the Virginia Tech shootings? Yeah, me neither.

Some other guy in his class went out and called the cops, and more buildings were on lock-down and the ski mask guy was escorted into his own chauffeured black and white vehicle.

In one of the informational e-mails we received from our grand institution, the student was described as wearing a ski mask with a questionable bulge by his waist. Me and some of the women in my office wanted more information, like, how big was the bulge? You know, the guy might not be all bad. Maybe he just needs some new friends...

I also hope this guy doesn't give up his quest to crack everyone up. I think this ski mask prank would be even funnier at a convenience store at about 3 am. I'm sure the night attendant would really appreciate the humor.


evil-e said...

This world has gone kooky.

Around here, bomb threats have been called into a school a day it seems. Even schools out in the sticks where nothing usually happens. Funny thing is, that the Cleveland city schools have not had one. This is a school sysytem that keeps actual street cops for security.

Remiman said...

As they used to say when I was his age; "that's as funny as a truck load of dead babies."

fringes said...

Tragedy always encourages the crazy. It emboldens them for some reason. I have no answers for that. I hope you're feeling better.

Margaret said...

a suspicious buldge eh?

Churlita said...


I agree. Kookiness abounds.


Thanks for the image. it's pretty fitting, I'd say.


I'm feeling better. Yeah, who knows why people are so crazy.


I know. It kind of takes your mind off of the stupid prank, doesn't it?