Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Everybody's Smilin' - Sunshine Day

Here is Coadster as seen through the net...

So, today was pretty kick-ass. I was exhausted when I first got up this morning, but I felt better as the day progressed. I love Iowa City when it first gets warm. Suddenly, all these people come out of hiding - the crazy guys pace back and forth through the ped mall, chain smoking and talking to themselves, there's a whole new crop of twenty year old panhandlers, asking me for money when their hipster glasses cost more than I make in two weeks, and the regulars are parked on the lawn furniture in front of the Deadwood. I love catching up with the Deadwood regulars. Of course, when you ask them what's going on, they can only answer, "Nothing much." They don't have jobs, or cars, for the most part, but they are funny as hell and always quite liberal with the compliments. I feel so much better about myself, going back to cubicle world after my three o'clock break.

After work, I went to Stinky's track meet. I missed her throwing discus, but caught her just in time to kick serious ass at the shot-put. I was wearing a skirt, so I was a little worried that she might be blinded by my pasty, white legs, but she was smart enough to look away right before she threw.

By six, I had to jet over to Coadster's soccer game. Looking around the bleachers, I was pretty sure I would win the award for the most inappropriate, foul-mouthed soccer mom at the game. Then I got excited thinking about how fun the imaginary award ceremony would be when I was presented with that honor. All the other not-quite-as-foul-mouthed soccer mom's would be talking so much shit about me. Don't worry, it's not like I missed much while I was daydreaming, the game ended with a tied score of zero to zero.

...And here is Coadster with her game face on.


Sarah said...

socca season suckah!

love it. and you can't possibly be as pasty as me, my friend. I am dreading the skirt-wearing.

Margaret said...

maybe their should be awards handed out to the soccer moms, give you something to compete for too

Rachel said...

My legs are pasty & a bit unshaven. Are we at the point yet where we shave above the knees?

David in DC said...

Hey, no fair! Once the orderlies catch me in the net, they never let me take pictures.

fringes said...

Were you yelling and cursing? Dude, you are so on track to win soccer mom of the year.

broinlaw said...

If you are concerned about white pasty legs, try pulling your socks up to your knees.

I've been doing that with my black dress socks when I go out in shorts. I've been getting A LOT of positive feedback from the neighbors!
Now if I could just find my pith helmet....


a said...

Is Coadster playing at L school field - where my husband went to elementary? Love that the girls have all the right kind of action going on - sounds like a perfect day -

evil-e said...

I have already started getting some color, mainly because I wear shorts all winter and that sun will rip you up....

I cannot wait to get off the rat wheel and start running outside again. I has just been too windy around here. It's like running into a wall sometimes.

Churlita said...


You're Greek and I'm Irish. What do you think?


I'm telling you, I know exactly what kind of award I'd win, and I'm totally ready for the competition.


Luckily, I'm blonde there, so it's hard to tell if I do or not.

David in DC,

You just have to be quick about it. Take a shot, before they can wrangle the camera out of your hands.


I'm not a yeller. Most of the swearing goes on in my head. Every day I thank god I don't have turrett's. I would be so busted if I had it.

Bro In-Law,

Have you tried sock suspenders yet? I hear all the cool senior citizens are wearing them these days. They would go perfect with your helmet too.


She is playing at your husband's old grade school. Good eye.


I'm way too much of a wimp to wear shorts in the winter. Plus,I can't afford to pay for the therapy all the innocent bystanders would need after seeing me in shorts in January.

michelle said...

I would be proud to be labelled most foul mouthed soccer mom ever. I often wish they'd given me most foul mouth tuckshop (canteen) mom ever award when my daughter was in primary school. I was a single mother then and for some reason that scared the crap out of all the conservative married moms so they tried to stop their children from playing with mine because...well my child could infect them with single parent germs or something.