Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cold as Ice - You Know That You Are

Here's me talking some shit to my coach at track practice when I was sixteen. I would have taken pictures of my daughters today, but I didn't want to get frostbite on my hands.

You know how I always talk about how much I love my daughters on here? Well, lately I've had to put my money where my mouth is. I am right in the middle of Spring activities for the girls, and I've been doing things that I would only do for them.

On Sunday, Coadster had a choir concert at St Mary's church. They sang religious music and it was all very beautiful and a lot of it was in Latin, but it was also really, really long. The show lasted almost two hours. I was so glad I took a nap beforehand, because even on a hard, unforgiving church pew, my friend sitting next to me, fell asleep. Not just a little doze either, he was dreaming and everything and his head started falling into the people in front of us, before he woke-up and bolted upright. Once again, I got caught laughing in church.

Today I got to leave work an hour early to attend Stinky's track meet. She throws the shot put and discus. In the eight or more years I was in track, I never once got to see the field events. They're actually pretty cool. It would have been great, if the winds hadn't been blowing and the temperatures dropping by the minute. I don't like to be cold. I'll say it again - I REALLY don't like to be cold. After Stinky finished her events, I went home for a half hour before I went back out to Coadster's soccer game. I had to grab the biggest, warmest comforter to wrap myself in while I sat on the aluminum bleachers. And since I was feeling a tiny bit dramatic, I also took a minute to call my friend K. and whine about how cold I was. K. is an awesome friend. She not only didn't tell me to suck it up and leave her the hell alone, she stayed on the line and commiserated with me until she was actually at her destination and didn't want to be one of those "talking on her cell phone in the store people".

The soccer game was much better than the track meet, because I was actually dressed properly. Plus, I finally stopped whining after I watched Coadster and her teammates running around in shorts and kicking up tons of water and mud from the saturated soccer field.


Remiman said...

Oh how I remeber spring soccer games! It was impossible to stay warm. No matter how I dressed, eventually the damp cold would creep into my bones. Often I'd take a hot bath when I got home to dispel the chill.
The kids on the other hand would sweat their, short clad, butts off. ;-)

Margaret said...

ahhhh, sometimes it feels so good to see one's child punished by cold, wet mud for making one sit watch on cold bleachers....

Rachel said...

Man..I remember D's first grade winter music concert. It was in the high school auditorium and was only 45 minutes long. About half of the men (which made up less than 1/4 of the audience) were awake at the end.

Churlita said...


We definitely did the hot bath think when we got home and ate tons of pasta.


Totally. It's only fair, right?


I've also seen dads playing games on their phones at concerts. I guess it keeps them awake.

bice said...

The whining about the weather only increases with age so it's best to just embrace it now and get it over with.

David in DC said...

My father-in-law, a physician, held firmly to the theory that living in cold weather aided your longevity by preserving you.

fringes said...

So who was "the friend" sleeping next to you in the pew? Our favorite date guy, perhaps?

(crossing fingers)

evil-e said...

The cold air is actually better for you than the warmer air, germs hate the cold.

My parents have always been really cool about supporting my sports exploits, they even went to my softball games when I was in my late 20's. You sound like a cool mom. Cool moms are cool. Cold in your case.

Did it drop 40 degrees in Iowa as well? we here in Cleveland went from 80 to less than 40 in 24 hrs.

Churlita said...


Embrace the weather or embrace the whining? I think I would prefer to embrace the whining.

David in DC,

I should be good and preserved then.


I wish. No, the sleeping guy is someone I worked with a long time ago. His step-son was in the choir with my daughter. His wife is a playwright and had a reading of one of her plays in NY this weekend.


Yeah. I would love to still be going to their events when they're in their twenties...Maybe they'll move to Arizona so I can watch them where it's warm.

I'm not sure it was quite a 40 degree drop, but it was equally ridiculous.

evil-e said...

PS, thanks for the linkage on "the Noise". That is my spare room of sorts. I extend the invite to the official home of evil....

it is a way funner place.

Churlita said...


Sorry. That was the link I got to from your comment. I'll change it to the next one when it's not so late.