Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bloody Red Eyes Go to Sleep

Now here is a picture of some trains and a fence.

I'm just going to go ahead and start this post out with a disclaimer. I woke-up with that bad cold that everyone else has this morning. My eyes looked just like Sylvester Stallone's at the end of Rocky. I came this close to slitting them with a razor, so I could see better. And even though I'm on my meds, I still have a bit of a migraine, so don't go thinking I'll be making any sense on here today. I did you all a favor, however, and I'm posting before I take my cold medicine. I'm here to tell you, it could be way worse.

I went on date number three last night. I probably won't do many more date posts, (unless something really funny happens) because I'm sure there has to be a limit. I'm just guessing, because I'm not a girl who understands limits very well. It seems like people either stop going on dates with each other, or they continue going on dates and if it goes on for a long, long time, blogging about them could turn into something like this:

Our 5,745th date was great. I think. What I can remember of it, was that we sat in our matching Lay-Z Boys, eating TV dinners, while watching Matlock reruns. At some point, he farted and I said , "Good one." And he said, "Thank you." And then we both fell asleep in our chairs and woke-up the next morning with cricks in our necks.

Please feel free to come to my house and shoot me in the head, if I ever write that post for real.

My real date was nothing like that. Unfortunately for him, it was a lot of me being lame, because, like tonight, I was rocking a bit of a migraine. He bought wine, that didn't come out of a box, (that's how classy he is) but I couldn't drink it because of my bad brain. I also think I did that embarrassing, spaced-out thing I do where I tell the same lame-ass story I've probably already told him too many times before. Poor guy.

I got to see the wonder that is Guitar Hero. It reminded me a bit of Dance Dance Revolution, but with way better music. I think to appreciate the full beauty of it, you'd have to be a stoned-out thirteen year old boy, but I have a feeling, my brain isn't wired too much differently than that, so I appreciated it just fine.

I'm sure there were a hundred other ways I was lame, and listing them all off here, would only make me look really, really bad. So, let's just say, I'm planning to bring much better game next week.

Now, I'm off to take as much cold medicine as the box allows and fall asleep telling myself the same dumb stories over and over again.


Remiman said...

Darn, I thought cold season was dieing down. Must be one last hurrah. :(
I hope you recover quickly!
btw: You'd have to be together for 40 years to even come close to that many dates. ;-)

Margaret said...

sorry your head hurts, but gettiong a good fart through all that foan in a lazyboy takes talent, i'b blog about it

Tara said...

Any headache is bad, but I've heard migraines can really hit people hard. Go get some rest and I hope you feel all better soon!

fringes said...

Feel better. And know that you're past one of the "couple curves". He's seen you not at your best and he still likes.

broinlaw said...

Your sister celebrated the resurection of the Easter migrane too.

She was not a fun date...


booda baby said...

Oh, it's kind of cool to have a date when you're having a real day/real life.

This guy we met said that an alkaline balanced diet (or however he would have said that - you know, to get rid of acids of whatever) shows Amazing Curative Powers of Migraines. He didn't say with all the caps, though.

Rachel said...

When the weather varies wildly like it has been the past few weeks I always get sick.
I hope you get better soon so that you aren't lame on your next date.

mist1 said...

I have that cold too.

I am contemplating dying on my couch. I am also contemplating watching Tyra. Either way.

Dexter said...

"Cut me Mick"

evil-e said...

I think I went on the date you described for about 2 miserable years. Thanks for waking that sleeping giant in my head.

Just from what I have read of you, you do not seem the type that would bore somebody very quickly. Get well soon.

Thanks for the official link!

Churlita said...


I hope I'm over it quickly too.

That's good to know. The prospect is kind of scary.


My head is all better for now.


Yeah. They suck. I have lots of good meds, so I can at least keep them from becoming unbearable...Most of the time.


I hope that's the case.

Bro In-Law,

All I can do is curse our DNA. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't go to the Easter celebration. I probably would have gotten your kids sick.

Booda Baby,

Hmmm. An alkaline based diet, eh?


My daughter had this cold a week or two ago and then I cursed myself by telling someone that I never get sick.


I think I would choose to die with dignity...That would mean without Tyra.


If Burgess Meredith had been there, I would have said just that.


Thanks. You'll have to ask Mr. Dateman about how fast I can bore someone, though.