Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fourteen Joys and a Will to be Merry

I run past this pink, plastic flamingo every day and it's never not funny.

Sorry kids, I wasn't on the blog much this weekend. I was crazy busy on Saturday and then it got nice today, so I had to run and ride my bike. And all that practical stuff I was going to get done? Let's just say, there's always next weekend.

I had a lot of comments on Friday asking me to write more about Mr. Dateman. I am happy to oblige, but there is just one little problem. See, I'm all different kinds of stupid about him right now, and I'm so afraid that if I'm not careful, my post could start sounding like the mawkish girls in my high school who listened to too much Air Supply and dotted all of their i's with little hearts.

So, I'll write about my fourth date with Mr. Dateman, but I'll try really hard to proofread it - you know, just to chickity-check myself before I wrickity-wreck myself by being all mushy and gushy.

The fourth date was kind of a special day, for reasons Mr. Dateman doesn't really want to talk about, so we'll apply the first rule of Fight Club and just say, we celebrated by getting really drunk on wine, and it was awesome. At first, I was a little worried that I'd get too obnoxious after drinking, but he kept telling me it wouldn't bother him, and so I let loose, and if Mr. Dateman tried to tell me to quiet down later, he couldn't be heard over my loud, Ottumwa girl persona.

We watched a few WKRP in Cincinnati episodes he had taped, but mostly we got all dorked-out and talked a lot of shit and laughed and laughed and it was super fun. At one point, I remember admitting that I really liked Kenny Rogers, and he not only still spoke to me after that, he got a Bob Welch song stuck in my head for almost twenty-four hours now. Just in case you were wondering, Sentimental Lady is not the best song to have playing over and over in your head during a seven mile run.

So, how was that? Was it mush-free for the most part? If not, it's the best I can do right now. Maybe tomorrow, I'll try to write about work so I can be more jaded and get back some of my blog cred. 'Kay?


Les Quinn said...

Hmm a new relationship and a picture of a stork!
Of course everybody knows what they have in common :)

bice said...

It's wonderful and exciting to see your dating life and relationship with mr. dateman still going and growing. Hopefully it will give other single women of advancing years greater hope. Dang it! I had a good thing going there for a minute didn't I? :)

Mr Atrocity said...

Not too mushy and gushy, but absolutely lovely nonetheless. Awwww.

Remiman said...

It's exciting to watch a mature relation developing from inception. Like being a fly on the wall....well almost. Please don't get the fly swatter. ;-)

a said...

spring is in the air....

Margaret said...

what is this self-censoring thing you're doing? isn't that the step just before the heart-dotting thing?

Churlita said...


That's not a stork, it's a flamingo - it's the universal symbol for Miami Vice.


Whatever. I appreciate it that you try. Can you imagine how much shit you'd talk on here if you didn't? Shudder to think.

Mr Atrocity,

Thanks Mr Atrocity.


He's a lot younger than I am and anyone who knows me will tell you that there is nothing mature about me - especially when it comes to relationships, but I'm glad you enjoyed the post...Now where did I put that fly swatter?


Yes, it is.


Tomorrow, I will dot all my i's with hearts. You know I can't censor myself for too long.

Heather Anne said...

I like Kenny Rogers, too!


David in DC said...

Croons: Ya Picked a Fine Time to Leave me Lucille ...

booda baby said...

Even if you got reallllly mushy, it'd still be your brand and I'd buy it in a second. It'd be better if I could use a coupon, that's true, but I'd still buy it.

Sarah said...

I am so glad someone's having fun on dates! And even more glad that it's you!!

Killer said...

It was close to too mushy, but it stayed safely in the realm of respectability.
If I ever had a date, I would probably lose my blog cred in the process, or lose the girl when she read the post.

fringes said...

I can totally read between the lines. I don't need all the details. Soooo glad this is going so well. I heart date guy.

broinlaw said...

I forgot to warn you... all radio guys think WKRP in Cincinnati is/was award winning television at its finest.
Has he described how he has worked with someone JUST LIKE every one of the characters on the show?
Has he asked you to be his Les Nessman yet?


Stepping Over the Junk said...

WKRP. Oh-my-gosh talk about a flash from the past. I used to watch that when I babysat when I was 13

evil-e said...

That was cute...awwww.

I am glad you did not dot your "Is" with little hearts and punctuate with little smileys....eghhh

You are more than allowed to keep the date stuff to yourself in my eyes. I do not disclose anything about my dating career/life.

Please do not mention Air Supply ever air supply gets short just hearing that name...

Liz said...

You had me at "WKRP".

About two years ago I bought the Kenny Rogers BOX SET. My advice? Simply buy a greatest hits album.

Enjoy the ride...

Churlita said...

Heather Anne,

Thanks for having my back on that one.

David in Dc,

Did you think he said, "...400 children and a crop in the field.." too?

Booda Baby,

You are all about the bargain mush, aren't you?




I may have done both. It's a fine line to walk, isn't it?



Bro in_law,

He didn't really say that. Do you think that when you watch it?

I think any guy who goes on a few dates with me, is going to figure out pretty fast that I'll never be a Les Nessman.


I watched it in high school when it was syndicated.


I'm sorry. I promise I'll keep it in check from now on.


Thanks. Lord knows I love him, but I also think a little bit of Kenny Rogers goes a long, long way.

broinlaw said...


About the WKRP vs. Reality thing...
Newcomers in the business tend to think the show was just hollywood fantasy. It all depends on personal experience, of course, but the longer a person stays in the radio business, the more and more "realistic" the show becomes. I can honestly say I've met the real life equivilant of most of the characters.

On the Twilight Zone side, I once had one part-time annnouncer working for me that was so into Dr. Johnny Fever that he wore a dark stocking hat, navy pea coat and (get this) even a "Black Death" t-shirt. He couldn't go on the air without adopting his "persona." This kid is a lawyer now.


Churlita said...


You'll have to tell me Johnny Fever's name later. Did he go to high school with us? I wonder what lawyer persona he uses now?

藤井稔久 said...

'Sentimental Lady' is one of my favorite songs.
But there is a phrase which I can't understand however hard I tried. What is fourteen joys?

Maybe it's because I'm not an English native speaker who don't know much about cultural background.

What exactly is "14 joys"?
And what does it mean by "will to be merry"?

If you can, would you please tell me what this is all about? Thanks.