Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can't Find a Thing to Ease the Rain

Hey, look what survived the frost and cold?

Dear Gentle Readers,

Although I feel much better now than I did earlier today, I am still tired and sick and sick and tired. Plus, I have a thing or two stuck in my craw as of late. Don't worry, I won't dig it out and unload any of it on you. You have all been so wonderful and supportive and shit, and I think it's stuff that will work itself out, or it won't. Some of it is work related, and I just wasn't feeling well enough to have to deal with it today. Who knows, maybe tomorrow, if I feel better, my craw could be completely empty.

Tonight, though? Tonight, I'm kind of in a mood, and I just need to take my trusty cold meds and see if I can't pass-out as quickly as possible. Please feel free to take a gander at the super-duper close-up flower picture below. Can you tell I'm trying to make up for my whining by showing you pretty, perky flowers?


The Churlish One


Lynnster said...

No worries here. I've kinda been in that kind of a mood for a couple of weeks now (obviously) tho I'm getting closer to hitting the "Write" button.

And I have the sinus headache from hell (or ongoing concussion, not really sure which).

Hope tomorrow is a better one for you, hon.

Remiman said...

Grape hyacynths are just the thing to speed a recovery. ;-)

Margaret said...

you know, metimucil and vodka do wonders for craw cleansing, or colon cleaning, which ever, the flowers are real pretty

Rachel said...

Those flowers are beautiful. When I was young we called the Blue Bells.
They remind me of May Day where we went and picked all of the neighbors floweres and then deposited them on other neighbors porches and rang the doorbell and ran away.
Does anyone ever celebrate May Day anymore?
I hope you start to feel better soon and that you get whatever it is out of your craw.

David in DC said...

I LOVE the "bitch piss and moan" tag.

It could be the name of:

A) a really great late 80's post-punk rock band, or

B)a really annoying law firm.

The flowers are very pretty.

I hope you and your craw feel much better soon.

booda baby said...

It's a really good trade, the flowers for the etc. etc.

I need to rent a Gray's Anatomy. I never know where things like craws are.

a said...

something in the stars or air this week - I feel the same way about the craw ...maybe I'll try that metimucil vodka thing - sounds so very pleasant - hope tomorrow and tomorrow are better - A

Churlita said...


At least you've had good reasons. Me? I was just cranky in general.


I know. I love flowers. I wonder how they'll do in this snow now.


Just as I suspected, my craw must be self-cleaning. I tend to be a stewer and obsessor in general, and it gets worse when I'm tired and/or sick. I also tend to get over it all pretty quickly.


I think kids here give out May Day baskets...You know, any excuse to get candy.

David in DC,

That's hilarious. My track coach in high school used to get mad at us and say, "Bitch, piss and moan, that's all you ever do" in his highly motivational speeches. That's where I got it from.

Booda Baby,

You probably won't find it in Gray's Anatomy. (the book, not the show)I think it's an animal/bird organ.


Today is much better. I'm still sick, but I'm not as tired. Please feel free and vent to me. I think I owe you a thousand vents.

evil-e said...

Be sick, relax, get all of the crap out of your system and your craw too.

Get well, be well....

plain jane said...

Grape hyacinths should cheer you up. I have some by my front walk and all spring I have been wanting to paint something in my house that exact color.

Trust me, when you are well you will feel able to cope again.

Churlita said...


Done, done, and done. Thanks. I feel much better.

Plain Jane,

I can always cope. Sometimes, I'm just crankier about it than others.

Isn't that an amazing color?