Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Hate People When They're Not Polite

Here is a photo of a big old tree I took when the girls and I went to hang-out at the apple orchard last Fall. It was 80 degrees on that day, and we just set a record low last night of 22 degrees. I'm in denial right now.

Hey, remember when I used to have a different blog, but I changed it because I stupidly put my name in the URL and then I thought my boss had found it? Yeah, me too. So this week, I found out it wasn't my boss who found it after all, but some muckety muck guy who works in another office in the very large institution where I'm employed.

A woman who works in my department, but in another office, came over to my desk on Tuesday and very loudly said, "Hey, I was at a meeting and one of the head honchos asked me if there was anyone in my office who wrote a blog. He said he had been reading one, and they moved it, but he thought it was hilarious and he had been totally obsessed with it. You're the only person I could think of, who would be writing a blog like that in our office. So, am I right?"

I think my squinty, little eyes got bigger than they had ever been before, and I stuttered, "Uh. Hmmm. Well. I did have one..."

"Well, he seems to think you might have another one and he really, really wants to get to it. Can you give me the link to give to him?" Half of the people in my office were peeking over their cubicles at me. There was no way in hell, I was going to admit to everyone in my office that I still had a blog, so I nervously redirected the conversation.

"What's the guy's name and how did he find my old blog?" I'm sure I was twitching and blinking excessively at the same time.

"Some girl he went to school with gave him the link originally. His name is, #$#Q#%$# *(&(&869." Luckily, she got called away to do something else and in about an hour my heart was down to only 897 beats per minute.

The next day, I thought it was all over, until I walked into the break room along with five other co-workers, and the same woman addressed me as, "blog girl" and said, "So, do you have another blog, or what? Don't you want everyone to read it?"

"Actually, I think everyone I work with knows way more about me than they want to, as it is."

"So, you don't want to tell me...That's okay," She said and hasn't talked to me about it since, and neither has anyone else. Jeesh. If that guy had been reading my blog as obsessively as he said he was, he would know that I went into hiding, and you'd think he'd make a point to tell the woman that she should be discreet. Normally, I love it when people read my blog, but I can be an open wound on here sometimes and I'm pretty much incapable of censoring myself. There's no way I would ever trust that guy to respect that.

I guess if nothing else, I got one hell of an adrenaline rush for a few days this week.


Neil said...

Uh-oh, I hope don't have to change the url again!

Churlita said...

Nah. I think I'm good. I'm all Y2K bunkered down here with all my weapons and supplies.

Jane said...

I think you should start an ultra lame decoy blog -- make all the entries just say things like "Today it is sunny out, but cold. Brrr!! I ate a chicken sandwich for lunch. Yummm!!" -- and give her the URL.

Remiman said...

It is surely an unpleasnt feeling to be put on the spot like that. You don't want to lie, but you don't want to tell either. Hope your deoderant held up. ;-)

In some ways I envy your anonymity!

Margaret said...

ooo, hot pins of sweat prickle my arm pits as i read about this brush with being caught, but it's good to know who it was that found it

I love you in the face said...

I don't think anyone reads my blog (which is actually better than everyone reading my blog since I'm also unable to censor anything..ever.) but sometimes my friends mention stuff I've written. It's the most unsettling feeling. I never know what to say because, well, I've already written it. Blogs are weird.
Kudos for remaining anonymous!! - I would have caved, given her the link and then panicked about it.

Mr Atrocity said...

This is the weird part about blogging in that it is anonymous to the extent that we're all personalities adrift on the internet rather than "real people" but we're also being very honest about our emotions and probably letting more slip than we would in normal conversations and let's face it, we did say these things, it's just the connection from the online persona to the real person that society hasn't quite learnt to deal with yet.

I suppose that's why some people are quite brusque and rude about blogs and bloggers; they don't really understand how they work and what it means to write one. Time will tell whether non-nerds in general eventually get it or not.

broinlaw said...

If this dope isn't clever enough to find your new blog by chasing through the links to other blogs you left on the old one, he must not want to read it very badly.
Peoples addresses may change, but their friends always know were they live.

Will I see you tomorrrow? We's bringin' hamballs!


Brando said...

At least he said he liked it. The thing people worry about is what happened to someone like Dooce, where you could lose your job or something. No one at work knows about mine as far as I know, and I want to keep it that way.

And, to answer an earlier question, I am indeed rocking out with the Guitar Hero. It's too much fun to be embarrassed about.

Churlita said...


I'm afraid that's what my real blog sounds like sometimes.


That was exactly the cunundrum. As far as I know it held up just fin. You might want to ask my co-workers.


That was good. I just hope no one starts furiously googling things to try and find me.


I almost did that too. I was glad I denied that impulse after she wouldn't stop talking about it. I would have been VERY uncomfortable, if she started reading it and talking to me about it at work. Yeah, blogging is weird and nerdy. Someitmes I like that about it and other times, I think I should quit.

Mr Atrocity,

I'm very hesitant to tell other people that I have a blog for that reason. if they're kind of nerdy and more familiar with the internets, I don't feel so badly about it.



We're not coming this weekend. The girls will be in the Quad Cities with their dad, and I have a date with the hot guy. Let's see....Aunt Kath..The hot guy...Aunt Kath...The hot guy. yeah, no contest there. I'd like to see you guys, though.


That's true. I didn't think about it that way.

Yeah, I know a certain Mr. Dateman who seems a bit a obsessed with it as well. I'm actually curious to see it played. It sounds like something I'd like.

Tara said...

Wow, she was incredibly tactful (sarcasm) to do that to you! Was she trying to get you in trouble? I think you handled it perfectly, though.

I don't blog about work as much as I used to, but back in the day I was so frustrated that I'd blog about lots of work issues. Hopefully nobody at work stumbled up on it. If they did, they've never said anything....Yet.

broinlaw said...

You apparently have not tasted your sisters hamballs if you are placing some puny mortal before them. I should mail you a hamball.

I may be somewhat biased due to my absolute adoration for all forms of cured pork and the fact that my general opinion of men is pretty low.

About this alleged "Hot Guy"; can he cook?


fringes said...

I think I'm in love with broinlaw. Can he cook?

Anonymous said...

i hope muckety muck doesn't get trapped in a wet paper bag. why didn't he just email you to ask what yr new blog is? isn't that what everybody else did? maybe he should hire a research assistant or a private investigator. oh, i just read yr comments & see that broinlaw & i are on the same page. heehee


TLB said...

I am in the screwed zone because my blog has never been anonymous, and brando is mental if he thinks people can't figure out who he is because there are links all over his site and mine. Someone here in town who liked my book actually figured out what my "real" last name is and called the house one day. Not that I mind a little book love, but you know, I did freak a little. What if she had been a kook instead of a nice little old lady?

I would like to blog about my annoying students, but I can't, because they read the damn thing, so I will have to vent about them here instead.

evil-e said...

You have a very nice co-worker, she seems to care a lot about you and your exploits. I wish I was lucky enough to work with people who cared so much about me.

Not so much. You should have her meet you at the flagpole at 3:00 for a serious beating.

One co-worker of mine knows the exact site address and she stops in and comments form time to time. I would probably get called into the office and relieved of my duties if anyone in management had seen some of my venom.

mist1 said...

I never admit to blogging.

Churlita said...


I'm still not sure what her motives are. She even brought it up again at work today. Weird.


I dare you to mail me a ham ball. I'm serious here.

I don't think he can cook, (insert crude double entendre here)but I can, so it's not a big concern of mine.


According to my sister he can. I try not to let her go into any details, though.


Are you guys on the same page about the guy figuring out how to find my blog, or about cured pork products?


That would be scary. Please feel free to complain about your students to your heart's content on my blog. I'd be thrilled to offer that service.

Evil - E,

I could totally take her, too.


I would love to be as anonymous as you are - although, me completely uncensored, might be too scary for anyone.