Saturday, April 21, 2007

Everyone's Trying to Get It Right, Get It Right

Because we live in Iowa, we see lots of these signs all over.

Kids, this will be short. I've had a long day, but it's been good for the most part. I think 80% of the staff at my job took the day off. The ones of us who were dumb enough to stick it out for the whole day, got very, very silly by four o'clock. The last hour of work, all we could do was make fun of the stupid things we said to people over the phones. At one point, I was trying to say, "We try to make things easy here," but it came out, "We try to be really easy here." Guess how much shit I caught for that one. The answer to that is, as much as I should have.

It still wasn't as bad as the time that John was trying to multi-task by answering a phone call from a guy and reading an e-mail from the Mrs. at the same time. Instead of asking, " How may I direct your call?" he asked, "How may I direct your wife?" Luckily for him, the guy had a sense of humor.

Okay. I must go, so I can wake-up and go to soccer games and run a whole bunch and hopefully, visit my friend, K.


Margaret said...

being easy comes naturally for me

Remiman said...

These busy weekends kick the stuffing out of blogging! Wife due home after 2 weeks in Spain! Do you think I've been up to my ass in cleaning?
Yup. ;-)

I love you in the face said...


I once sent an e-mail by accident to a publisher I was working with that said "Dude, you should totally come out tonight - it's gonna be wicked fun and there will be lots of the ol drinky drink."

When I realized what I had done I immediately sent a follow-up "I'm so sorry - that was meant for someone else. I'm unprofessional and I suck" kind of e-mail. The publisher then responded "Does that mean I can't come to the party? "

It was hilarious. I think everybody needs a major break from the seriousness of professional life every now and again:)

Churlita said...


I think we should all go with our strengths.


I hope you got it all done. I bet your wife will think it's totally sexy when she comes home to a clean house.


That is so cool. Did he show up to the party? I would try and make him come after that.

Brando said...

There are few things better in the professional life than screwing around late on a Friday at work.

Churlita said...


Aside from leaving work early, I think you are absolutely correct.