Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Thought That I Heard You Sing

I found a morel mushroom in my backyard last night. it's not anywhere near is big as the one I found last year, but they say it will be a bad year for them here because the ground isn't quite warm enough. I'll definitely take what I can get though. I love morels.

Just two things today.

1.) The Guy asked Stinky if I burst into flames when I walked into the church for my nephew's First Communion. Then they both had a good laugh. Har har har har har...

Bad, Archie. Bad. Bad,

2.) So, I had a little talk with Coadster about how things will be when she comes back for the Summer. She gets upset if anything changes - unless she's the one who changes them. I just wanted to prepare her for how things will be when she lives in my house as an adult after she's been gone for a year. You know?

I don't really care what time she comes home at night, I'd just like her to let me know where she is for the most part. I told her that I wouldn't be chauffering her around, unless it was convenient for me. She was welcome to ask me for a ride, but not to expect it. She still doesn't have her driver's license. I also told her to put what she wanted on the grocery list, and I'd be happy to get her stuff. She should also feel free to eat whatever I'm making for dinner. However, if she doesn't like or want it, I will not be making a special meal for her. She can just fend for herself. Most importantly, I told her she wouldn't be watching her trashy TV shows in the living room. We'll get cable set up in her bedroom for that, but I really can't take the squawking from the real housewives or the New Jersey Whatevas. At first she tried to protest that, but then her boyfriend stepped in and said, "Thank you. I totally agree, She tries to watch them in my dorm room and they make me crazy." So, Coadster was outvoted, and she agreed to all my other conditions. We'll see how it goes, but I feel like everything runs more smoothly when expectations are known from the git go.


laura b. said...

You are so smart to get things all straight now. This way, you all know what to expect. Bravo Churlita!

rel said...

These are trying years; she trying to be an adult, you try to accept it. You're both good people, you'll do fine.

NoRegrets said...

Sucks becoming an adult. ;-)

Tara said...

Ugh, yeah, I couldn't take listening to any of those shows. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.