Monday, May 16, 2011

It's the Thought That Moves You Upwards

The Guy and I giving Bry some birthday love.

So, Blogger was an asshole and wouldn't let me post for a couple of days. Which means, this will be as brief a post as I can write, with as much stuff as I have to fill it with...

Okay. Another whirlwind weekend. Friday I worked a half day. I ran when I got off and then it rained and rained. The girls and I went and bought garden stuff, but didn't have time to plant it all. The Guy and I made dinner and went out for a couple of drinks for our friend Bry's birthday, but were home and in bed by 10:30.

We got up and got ready on Saturday morning and headed to a small town called Farrar for a bike race. It was a cold, rainy day, but it was an interesting race. Then we had to tear home.

We got home in time for The Guy to get some stuff from the store and me to clean and us both to cook, before Bry, his girlfriend and our friend Timmer came over for a birthday BBQ. Bry's girlfriend brought steak and pasta salad and this strawberry shortcake thing with homemade whipped cream that was amazing. We grilled salmon and made salad and friend potatoes.

After that, we stopped down at George's to have exactly one beer and say happy birthday to our friend, D. I was super exhausted, so I had to go home.

I went running, early on Sunday morning. Then The Guy went out and bought bagels. It was Coadster's 19th birthday, so her boyfriend was here all weekend. We gave her her birthday gifts and then The Guy and I headed to Des Moines for a criterium at the state fairgrounds, I had never seen him race a crit before, and it was pretty damn cool. When he was done, we headed back home again and got ready for Coadster's birthday dinner.

Coadster loves Red Lobster, so that's where we went. We all ate a ridiculous amount of food, then Stinky went to her youth group, Coadster spent time with her boyfriend before he went back home, The Guy went to play pool with Bry and I rode my bike for a quick hour. I went down a hilly route and tried to work on getting faster uphills. I think I'll need to keep working....


booda baby said...

Seriously? Exhausting. Don't they have a stationary bike race?

laura b. said...

Had to look up what a criterium is, duh :-) What an exciting and exhausting weekend!

Belated Happy Birthday to Coadster!

MrManuel said...

Sounds like your weather last weekend was as crappy as ours was. MIDDLE OF MAY!

Oh, and Red Lobster....mmm..cheesy biscuits....

rel said...

I'm with the booda girl on this one.
Me? Well I'm a little behind in the Ark's progress but hopefull it'll float soon.
Yay Red Lobster!