Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Seem to Lean On Old Familiar Ways

Here are my lilacs.

I keep hoping for a little relaxation, and that's what I get...Just a little relaxation. Of course, it's mostly my fault. There are so many things I want to do and train for, I create a world for me that holds way too much to do. I suppose, that must mean it's the kind of world I want to live in then, huh?

Here are the flowers Thr Guy bought me for Mother's Day. I love flowers.

Last night I rode home as quickly as possible and drove over the that woman's house to mow her lawn. Then zipped back home. When I got there, The Guy was already raking the backyard and was starting on cleaning up the garden. I called for pizza and then mowed our front yard until the pizza guy came. We ate and watched 2 Andy Griffith episodes with Coadster. We did go out on the porch for about a half hour, but then Stinky called, wanting a ride home from work and I bought some groceries while I was there.

So, while it was only a little relaxing, at least we were able to work it in.


laura b. said...

All of your flowers are beautiful!

You're are creating your world and it is full of lots of great stuff :-)

MrManuel said...

You rest? Never!

Is that a barn you have in that first picture?

Brando said...

It sounds like you have too many commercial interruptions. Maybe you should switch to a subscriber model ;-)

rel said...

I love lilacs, both visual and olfactory.

Tara said...

BEAUTIFUL lilacs, I can almost smell them.