Monday, May 23, 2011

And They're Stepping Lightly. Hang Each Night in Rapture

Oh, but the weekends keep getting crazier and crazier and more and more wonderful.

This one started out kind of bad. I had to get two cavities filled on either side of my mouth. I hadn't had a cavity in forever, and I've never had two at once. It wasn't fun, but it's over now.

When I got home after the cavity filling, I ran and then got things ready for dinner. We made shrimp kabobs and grilled asparagus with it. So very nice. Then we watched The Fighter with Coadster.

We got up on Saturday and it was raining. We originally planned to do a 100 mile bike ride, but we waited until the rain stopped and didn't get started until 9:45. The Guy and I rode out past Lake MacBride to Solon and at lunch at Jonesy's restaurant, then headed back to the resevoir and down Dubuque Street to North Liberty where we met Bry and Timmer for the start of the Bud ride.

Here we are preparing to be raptured.

We rode from there to Oxford Iowa, where we had a beer and ate some food and rode on to a little town called, Tiffin and a bar named Slims. We were there for the Rapture that ruptured, and stayed after shooting pool and hoops and playing a NASCAR video game. We also talked about our first concerts, what our dream concerts would be and what our favorite concerts were.

Here we toasted the fact that we were left on earth with the other heathens and free to drink beer.

We finally rode home and Got there at around 9:30. We watched an Andy Griffith episode, ate pizza and talked with Coadster until we went to bed. I was exhausted.

This hail was originally golf ball sized, but I found it a while after it fell and it melted in my hand some.

Sunday The Guy and I woke up and met Bry for another ride. We headed out to a town called Wellman. the winds were a total bitch going out. We had to peddle hard just to go downhill. But we stopped and ate at the diner there and headed home to a nice tailwind. By the time we made it home, the sirens were going off. Both my girls were at the mall, so The Guy and I weathered the storm at home with the cats. With all the hail and tornado sightings, I was glad to be home.

In the evening, The Guy asked if he could take all of us out for sushi. The girls and i were all for it. It was nice to all hang out for dinner.


rel said...

The rapture failed to inspire me, but the weather is getting my attention.

Word verification: chryst

laura b. said...

You have become a true cycling aficionado. I guess we can thank The Guy for that!
What is up with this weather?

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when people like you can exert yourself so much and drink beer during/after.

How did your car do with the hail?

NoR (blogger is being annying - 3rd time I've tried to leave this comment)

Tara said...

Those shiskabobs look amazing. I'm so glad you were able to get some serious bike riding in before storms hit!

booda baby said...

Ooh, I was just going to say what laura b. said. Do you really really love it or is it just a fantastic way to spend time together?