Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kiss Me Now That I'm Older

Me on RAGBRAI in 2006.

Soooooo. People have been asking if I really love to ride that many miles on my bike, or if it's something to do as a way to spend time with The Guy. Well, let me tell you about my cycling history then:

I first started riding bicycles with my brother, before I ever got into running. He got a really nice ten speed from his Big Brother (he was in the Big Brother/Big Sister program) and I rode my 1 speed red, white and blue Liberty Bell bike with the banana seat. We would get bored and ride our bikes for hours out through the alfalfa fields and orange tree groves of Mesa, Az. and I loved it.

Then we moved to Chicago and I rode a bike to commute through junior high and high school. Running took over as my favorite drug. Running was the perfect poor girl sport. With biking there were all those gadgets and gee gaws to buy and maintain and I know I've mentioned several times that I have no mechanical skillz whatsoever.

Here's me taking a break from the bike ride and "Havinfun".

When I got to college, my brother spent the first half of one Summer fixing up an old 60's 3-speed called a Hiawatha Flyer for me for my birthday. I rode it everywhere. I again went on long rides with my brother and my best friend Mark and I loved it.

Once I had kids, my riding days were over except for commuting. I didn't have the time to go on long bike rides and couldn't really afford even an inner tube for a blown tire. I could get a hell of a work-out while running for an hour as opposed to biking an hour

In the last couple of years, I've had more time and went on a lot of bike rides by myself. Now, that I'm with The Guy, my girls are older and don't necessarily want me around much, I have help with the mechanical part of biking, and someone to ride with so I'm not out by myself for hours on deserted country roads, I am able to bike on really long rides again and I love it.

So, in answer to the question: Yes. I love to bike AND it's a great way to spend time with The Guy.


laura b. said...

Win-Win. Nothing better :-)

booda baby said...

Yay!! I'd like to think that most of us know that ... what to call it. Forced deprivation. Only you don't want to get stuck thinking you're deprived, so you get busy enjoying/loving what you DO have. But when circumstances improve and opportunities present themselves ... it's hugely satisfying to be doing what you truly wanted to be doing. (For me, I couldn't afford skiing, so didn't even consider it an option. Some days, I actually think: what a dope. I could have gone to be a ski bum and MADE it work. :\)

Tara said...

I'm glad you like it so much, and I can see how having someone to ride with would make it that much better!

Time to hit the open road!

Have a nice, long weekend!

rel said...

3 birds, one stone:
fun, guys, and exercise!