Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Up, Dream Up

Heidi cat has been thoroughly nipped here.

So, hey. It's not only the weekend, but we get THREE WHOLE DAYS! Hurray!

I'm sure this weekend will be just as busy as ever, but I'm soooo excited for it.

Tonight I will go running after work, then make black bean chili, corn bread and guacamole. Then hopefully, watch a movie before we fall asleep. Coadster got a ride to the Quad Cities with a friend this afternoon. We were going to leave an hour early for The Guy's race, in order to get Coadster to her boyfriend's house, but now we don't have to.

On Saturday, we'll go to Burlington Iowa to watch The Guy race his bike up Snake Alley. Then we'll get pizza at Napoli and come home and nap and then garden and I might run or whatever else. In the evening we're going to see some roller derby and I am REALLY excited about that.

The Guy has another bike race on Sunday. This time it's in Muscatine. On the way home, we're going to try and stop at West Branch, where my first bike race will take place. We'll at least drive the course, so I can see how hard it is.

On Monday, The Guy has a criterium in Rock Island. We'll get Coadster on the way home and hopefully do the Monday night ride that weekend.

I hope everyone out there is blog land has a nice extended weekend as well.


laura b. said...

I'd be excited to see roller derby too. Can't believe I never had, now that I think about it.

Have a great long weekend!

Johnny Yen said...

For once, we're going to someone else's place for the holiday-- since we've got a big backyard, we're usually the hosts. It'll be nice to leave the work to someone else for once.

Best of luck to The Guy in his races!

booda baby said...

Wow, that three days felt just like four. :)