Thursday, May 19, 2011

If You Act As You Think

My girls during Stinky's prom pics. Coadster had been moving all day and Stinky had been primping all day.

last night was lovely. The Guy rode his bike after work and I went running. We got home around the same time and started making dinner. Both of the girls took off for a while and that was the first time in a couple of weeks that they were both gone at the same time. it was nice to finally have a few hours of alone time with The Guy. We made dinner and drank wine and got to actually listen to the kind of music we like. Weird.

Stinky said her date was fine, but she isn't interested in going out with him again. She said he comes from a lot of money and had serious entitlement and jealous/possessive issues. She also said he wouldn't stop texting other people the whole time he was with Stinky and she thought that was really rude. I had to agree with her. NEXT!


rel said...

Alone time without the kids is a treasure!

Tara said...

Good for Stinky for realizing that guy was not worth another date. She deserves much, much better. He was rude!

laura b. said...

Lately, I've had too much alone time and no one to share it with...which I guess is kind of a contradiction, but you know what I mean :-)

Stinky is a smart girl. They both are, and gorgeous to boot!

My word is cowpop. Awesome.

booda baby said...

Cool picture!!

Wow. Good for Stinky. Poor kid, to ALREADY have pronounced issues?

Mnmom said...

You raised a smart one!!

MrManuel said...

Yeah, sounds like she is making the right not decision in not dating that dude.

SkylersDad said...

Good decision on her part, the guy is a tool.