Monday, May 09, 2011

Hoilday! Celebrate!

Woo hoo! Prom is over. (this photo of Stinky and her friends is stolen from our local newspaper)

Coadster with a friend on one of her last days of living in a dorm.

Oh lord, but every weekend seems to be getting busier and busier.

On Friday, The Guy's friend, Jen came to visit. Stinky suggested we have dinner at Blackstone where Stinky's friend works and we did and it was nice. Her friend comped us dessert even. We got home around 10 and went to bed.

The church where we rode to in Holcomb, Ia.

On Saturday we woke up early. I went to Ames to pick Coadster up from college, The Guy went to a bike race, Stinky went to decorate for prom and Jen went to her grandparent's house in another town. Coadster was pretty prepared, so it didn't take long to get her out of her dorm and head back to Iowa City.

When I got home, The Guy had sushi and flowers for me (early Mother's Day) and had our bikes all ready to go on a ride. How great is that? We rode about 40 miles and then made it back for me to take Stinky's prom pictures. All the kids cleaned-up so nicely.

Coadster and I got home and we ate a pizza and watched Sunshine Cleaning. I really like that movie.

On Sunday. The Guy and I got up early again and his friend Jen came back for a morning bike ride. We did another 30 miles and she was really impressed with how beautiful the countryside was where we rode. We got back around noon.

Stinky was getting home just as we were putting our bikes away. She said she felt awake enough to go to a late lunch with us.

So, The Guy and my girls took The Guy's mom to a nice brunch in Oxford Iowa. Stinky started to fade during her steak and eggs, so Coadster had a great time poking her and waking her up from time to time. Yes, we are all easily amused.

We got back from brunch and went for a nice long walk with The Guy's mom. Stinky went upstairs to bed, but the rest of us followed the bike path behind our house for 3 1/2 miles.

Then The Guy took his mom home and went with his friend Bry to play pool, Stinky went to her youth group meeting and Coadster and I stayed home and watched Black Swan. Nothing like that movie to make me seem like the perfect mom.

I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day...No matter what kind of mutha you are.


laura b. said...

My legs get a little achy just reading about your mutliple bike riding adventures!
I hope Stinky had a great time at prom...she looks beautiful :-)
I just saw Black Swan this weekend too. It was...hmmm.

rel said...

2/3 of the clan made it home and the 18 month old entertained us all weekend.
We did get some gardening done on Sunday.

booda baby said...

Cute prom leap!

What the hell's wrong with you all, riding that many miles? You crazzzzzzy bikers, you! (Still, it's great when there aren't any hills.)*

Tara said...

I get to see "Black Swan" this week, once it comes in the mail from Netflix. Yay!

Great prom photos, I like the one at the top where everyone is leaping in the air.