Thursday, May 05, 2011

I Know This Much is True

Here is something that appeared under our back staircase at work yesterday. It's still there today. I'm curious to see how long it "sticks" around.

So, last night turned out very, very well. I stopped at the Co-op on my way home and then got home and went running. The Guy did a little hanging out on the back porch with the cats, then he came in and tidied up the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom.

I started cooking when I got home from running. I made spicy peanut noodles, and roasted garlic and Miso soup and The Guy made salad and we had sour dough bread from the Co-op. G. and our friend Sara came over and we laughed our asses off and flipped each other shit for a few hours before we remembered it was a school night and had to go to bed.

We have a cubicle at work that we made our "happy place". We can go there when we need a time-out. We put up a tropical beach scene poster and one of the students brought in this dancing hula girl. Nice.

Tonight, I'm supposed to meet my friend E. to run. I'm a little on the migrainey side, so we'll see how that goes. I just took my meds and I'm waiting for them to kick-in. I haven't had a bad mirgraine in quite some time, so I've been happy about that. Apparently, I can't go forever, though.


booda baby said...

School nights spent laughing are, mysteriously, almost better than not-school-nights. For obvious reasons, I guess, but not obvious enough to remember to do it more often.

laura b. said...

I love that you guys created a happy place at work :-) Everyone needs that in their place of business. That and maybe some of those spicy peanut noodles...

rel said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Migrain go away.

Tara said...

I love the idea of a "happy place" cubicle!

Have a Happy Mother's Day, Churlita!

Johnny Yen said...

I really like the "Happy Place" idea. May have to steal it.

He cleaned up the bathroom? My god, my wife has lived here more than five years (she moved in a few months before we got married) and hasn't done that once. Hang on to that guy!

AlienCG said...

We have no happy place at work. There is no place to hide from oppression and misery. Actually, it's not that bad, my happy place is between a pair of ear buds hooked up to my iPod.