Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiped Out. No Concentration.

Here is a rolling hill.

Well, kids. I don't have much to write about today. Things are good, good, good. Last night I gave plasma while the guy rode his bike. Then we met at home and cooked and ate and drank wine. Then we had a great talk until it was time to pick up Stinky. Sure, it sounds rather mundane, but I like that. I also like that The Guy is as open and honest as he is and we can pretty much talk about anything. It's so refreshing.

Tonight The Guy is going to his mom's house and Stinky will be at her youth group. I will have the house to myself. I plan on running my 6 mile route and then doing a couple of quick cleaning projects. Then I have the option of working on the painting/drawing I want to start, reading my book or watching a movie. I love being presented with those kinds of options.


Marie said...

Sounds wonderful. I think your level of physical activity keeps you calm and happy, don't you? You're my idol in that department.

Marie said...

Above is MNMOM

laura b. said...

I see a life in perfect balance! Gives me hope :-)

rel said...

Mundane in the best sense.

MrManuel said...

6 miles! Yowza! Saturday, I am doing a 5k!

booda baby said...

It's great to think The Guy's thinking the same thing about you.