Monday, March 07, 2011

I Smelled the Spring On the Smoky Wind

Here is the Megabus we took going back to Iowa.

Oh, kids. This four day weekend was a good way. I have so many stories and news to share, but unfortunately, the thing about having a life, is that you don't ever have time to write about it. Not that I'm complaining...

A very tired gentleman greeting us at Union Station.

K. and I took the Megabus to Chicago and then waited for K.'s boyfriend at the Union Station bar. it's always so weird to get out of a college town, because you suddenly see people your own age. I forgot old people like me still existed and were allowed to roam wild like that.

We took the train to K.'s boyfriend's place and after some furious texting, made plans with my friends Catherine and Poptart. We decided to go to K's boyfriend's favorite neighborhood pub for a drink and some appetizers and then we all met at a Cuban restaurant called 90 Miles that was in walking distance of the show.

The dinner was so nice. I worked with Catherine at La Caca in the late 80's and with Poptart at Great Midwestern in the 90's. We all had a lot to catch up on and we did that in really nice ambiance with a bottle of wine and over plantains covered in garlic sauce. Perfect.

We finally rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and made it to the show.

The Pogues!

It's weird to go to shows in big cities after 9-11. They separate the men from the women so they can feel you up for bombs or guns or whatever. How fun is that? We caught a little bit of the opening band, but weren't all that impressed.

We waited for an hour before The Pogues came on stage. Shane stumbled on stage and my friend Catherine said, "He'll never finish the tour." Then he said something into the microphone and she said, "I can't understand a word he's slurring." The crazy thing about him though, is that he has a really consistent singing voice and the band was wonderful. Since it is about the most perfect drinking music, I saw more old drunk people than I've seen in one room in a looooong time.

I'll tell you more later. I had a doctor's appointment earlier today and now I'm playing catch-up (mmmm ketchup) all day.


laura b. said...

haha! I like the idea of the above-college-agers roaming wild and free :-) Glad that is still going on in the world.
I don't think they do extensive check points like that around here anymore at the venues. Maybe L.A. really does not want their mellow harshed.
Anyway, I bet the Pogues put on a great show...glad you had fun :-)

rel said...

Nobody ever wants to feel me up. :)
Anyway; you had an exciting adventure and that's a good thing.

booda baby said...

Wow. As a non-goer to shows (well, except for the Bowl. A club, I'll go to in a second, but can NOT stand all the people in the big venues) I'm thinking THAT part would've made me very cranky. I didn't sign up to live in a nanny state. Actually, I don't recall signing up at all, but ... lucky me, that they stuffed me into America.

Oh. I love the Pogues. Almost worth getting frisked for.

Bro in Law in Ottummy said...

Was that the staircase from the Untouchables?

Tara said...

I've heard of The Pogues, but I've never heard their music. I need to fix that, ASAP!

I love the megabus!

Pamela said...

yes, it's kinda like the big cities especially are preserves for us old people.