Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Ain't Wasting No More Time

I thought you all would appreciate a cat photo-less post today. So, this was outside a junk store on my way home from work. I thought it was appropriate for the upcoming weekend.

last night was nice and mellow. The Guy went to spend some time with his mom and Stinky was at work. I took the alone time to give plasma (I'm no longer anemic. Yea!) and be all domestic. It was good to relax last night so I could get ready for the weekend.

Tonight The Guy and I are having fish tacos with some spicy slaw, refried bean, salsa and guac for dinner. Then we're making white Russians and watching The Big Lebowski. It's been a while since I've seen it, so I'm pretty excited.

Tomorrow we'll probably get some things done, but then we're going to take The Guy's tandem (two person) bike out on a 50 mile ride to Oxford and back. Once we're in Oxford, we'll eat at the Cajun fusion restaurant there before heading back. I hope I'm in good enough shape to make the trek.

I'm not sure what's going on for Sunday. It's supposed to rain for at least part of the day. I hope it stops for a bit so I can get a run in and The Guy can get a harder bike ride in.

How about you, the blogging community? Will you be watching The Dude or riding bikes with The Guy this weekend?


laura b. said...

I'm totally doing a spit-take for the 50 mile ride! Have a great time :-)
I could probably manage drinking white russians and watching Lebowski, though.

Tara said...

I had my driver's license renewed on Saturday and then bought a craft to work on for the rest of the afternoon. That was a good afternoon, I love getting the responsible stuff out of the way so that I can play. :)

On Sunday I made some fries and then went on a long walk.

Pamela said...

"I hope I can make the ride." ha. You are in such good shape! Hope it was fun...