Sunday, March 13, 2011

But I Know Our Filthy Hands Can Wash One Another's

Me scaring one of the guests with a loaded Archie.

Oh, but this weekend was a busy one. On Friday, the guy and I had a nice dinner and watched True Grit. It was a DVD someone I knew copied off the internet, so the sound was off and the quality wasn't great, but I still liked it a lot.

The Guy peppering the conversation.

On Saturday we woke up fairly early and ate some French toast and veggie (fake) sausage, then set to work cleaning the place up before The Guy's mom came over for the first time. She loved seeing Heidi again, and of course, like most sociopaths, Archie was very charming while she was over. We took Stinky and The Guy's mom out for lunch and it was so very nice.

Then The Guy went to ride his bike and I went to run. We met back at the house a bit later and ran some errands. We made a trip to Menards to pick up a few things and then came back home and ate meal of bread, leftover shrimp, salmon pate', cream cheese and smoked trout. Yum.

We headed over to a friend's pre ST Patty's Day party where I may have had a little wine and could possibly become a little louder than I should've, but people should assume that's what will happen when I show up, right? Anyway, it was a fun party and The Guy and I stayed out past 10 o'clock. Crazy, I know.

Yea! Coadster is back for a few days.

Today was okay. I had another bad migraine, but I guess I should be used to those by now. The Guy got up early and took care of a bunch of things and that was so very nice. Then he went on a long bike ride with his friend Bry and Coadster and her boyfriend got here and took Stinky to the mall with them. I tried to get a few things done, but the brain pain made that kind of tough.

Everyone got home about the same time, I took Stinky to work and then we had a a couple of friends over for dinner. I made cheese tortellini with pesto sauce, linguine with Alfredo and sauteed chicken and The Guy made an excellent salad. The Guy and his friend Bry went off to play pool and my friend G. stayed for a while and we had some good girl talk.

All in all, a pretty damn nice weekend. I'd say.


Mnmom said...

Wondering if your migraine had anything to do with the wine and shrimp. Both known to induce migraines.

Sounds like a great weekend!

Someday, for me, write about going to Dirty Johns. I even miss the SMELL of that place.

rel said...

A full weekend for sure!
We also entertained all weekend; fun but tiring.

laura b. said...

It must be nice having Coadster home for a bit.
I love reading your happy blog lately. It gives me hope the way you and The Guy have integrated your lives. :-)

Tara said...

I loved "True Grit". I had never read the book or watched the original. I just kept hearing about the great acting, and I wasn't disappointed!

I'd be a tad fearful of a loaded Archie.

Pamela said...

Very nice... And glad to see Coadster. She looks well!

MrManuel said...

Yeah, True Grit was awesome. Glad you liked it.

Enjoy your few days with your daughter back!

That dinner sounded AWESOME!