Friday, March 25, 2011

Fat Bottomed Girls Will Be Riding Them Too

Here is an abandoned farm house. Creepy.

So, last night The Guy's friend was supposed to come down from Minneapolis for dinner. They ended up getting snow there, so she stayed to ski and didn't make it down until 10. Since The Guy already promised Stinky dinner out, he wanted to uphold that and we let her decide where we ate. She chose to go to Pagliais Pizza and we had a lovely meal. The Guy's friend showed up and we talked with her until around midnight. That's pretty damn late on a school night. It was worth it, though. She was really cool and fun to hang out with.

So, now onto the weekend....Tonight the guy and I have decided to just chill out. We're going to probably try and get some sushi and then come home and watch a movie and hit the hay pretty early.

I plan on running and getting a few things done during the day on Saturday. We kicked around the idea of going on a Spring ride with a bike group here, but I think the 36 degree temps and chance of snow is enough to dissuade us. Saturday night we will celebrate our friend G.'s birthday. We probably won't stay out super late, on account of what's going on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning will be The Guy's first cycling race in a year and since his accident. We've heard it will be hilly and it's still supposed to be cold, but I'm still excited to check out the scene. Bicycle racing is so much different than running races in that there is all kinds of strategy to it. It should be pretty interesting.

How about you all? Will you be chilling out this weekend or racing around?


laura b. said...

The bike race sounds fun. You're just watching this time? I wish The Guy lots of luck!

Have a wonderful weekend, Churlita.

Mnmom said...

Is it the Old Cap. Criterim?
How's your flooding down there?
We ate at Pagliai's last time we were in town - it wasn't as good as I remembered it.

MrManuel said...

36 degrees and snow sure doesn't sound like a spring ride to me!

No relaxing for me tomorrow - I'm getting another tattoo!