Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Yourself When You're Getting On

My friend Bry "helpfully" stretching out my hamstring.

Here are some observations and ponderings from after I went swimming last week:

Locker room.

The youth sucked out of it by Spring Break and the early morning hour.

Older Women,


Our faces and bodies bare.

Eyes resting on uncovered bags.

Skin has lost its blush.

Still, all the laps, weights, reps, and stretches preserving most of us pretty well.

After we're all modestly wrapped back up in fabric,

With our faces back "on" and our bags safely hidden under foundations or powders,

I am always left to wonder:

How would my 25 year old self feel seeing my 45 year old self so exposed?

Would I be disappointed or proud of what we had become?


laura b. said...

I would hope that 25 year old you would be cool enough to be proud of 45 year old you!

booda baby said...

And ...? I wouldn't trust ANY 25 year old to know shit about much of anything - certainly not MY 25 year old self.

MrManuel said...

You lost me at "Older Women, Naked."


SkylersDad said...

My 25 year old self would have laughed at the extra weight I have put on.

rel said...

Proud for sure, and a little envious too.
Nice poetry!