Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Much Information Driving Me Insane

Here are the shadows of my friend Bry and I.

So, last night The Guy and I decided to go back to spending Monday night the way we used to before we lived together. We met at the Dublin after work for a drink. I get out of work earlier than him and I sat down at an almost empty bar to wait.

There was a woman with layered, dyed blonde hair sitting to my left and she told me she was from Fort Dodge and was here staying with a friend of hers in the hospital. She said she had been here for a week and that she missed her grandson...Then she told me she was legally blind...Then she started telling me about her son dying and her subsequent suicide attempt...Then she asked me what my name was.

I'm not sure what it is about me, but I feel like I have the word, "therapist" written on my forehead sometimes.


laura b. said...

ha! You must have a face that people can trust :-) I think with some poor souls though, anyone kind enough to listen will do.

Pamela said...

It must be in Braille if she was legally blind. That rash you thought was on your forehead says therapist.

rel said...

There are too few listeners in this world.

Tara said...

My mom and I share the same "therapist" forehead stamp - maybe my brothers do too, I don't know.

She was probably very lonely and needed to share with a good listener like you.

Tera said...

Oh my goodness Churlita, I was thinking along those lines the other day!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to a store...or ANY public place for that matter...please just start talking to me. My kids always look so puzzled and ask, "Mom why do people always do that." My only guess is that I look friendly and like a person who is easy to talk to? Hell, I don't know!

Am I allowed to laugh at Pamela? If so....LMAO!!!!!!!

Tera said...

That "please" is supposed to say "people" by the way.

booda baby said...

People who need to talk will talk to anyone. It's a wonderful coincidence when they find themselves talking to someone who can listen.