Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Want It, Come and Get It

Here is a pic of me wearing a bonnet. When in Kalona...Do what the Amish do, right?

Well, I had another lovely weekend. On Friday I picked up the guy and headed to the Co-op to pick up a few things. Remind me never to go there when I'm hungry again. I picked the few items I needed, but then got some fresh bread and some Greek olives and smoked salmon and dill neufchatel. The guy said since we had all that snacky stuff maybe we didn't even need to worry about dinner, but I made it anyway. Apparently, I'd hate to waste away or anything...

The guy displaying some jumpy shoes we found at the Mantique store.

I ran on Saturday and did a few things around the house. The girls got tickets to the college football game and did a little sisterly bonding.

I picked up the guy and we headed off for Kalona. Kalona is a little community with many Amish and Mennonite residents, so it happens to be very quaint and full of quilts and horses and buggies and antique shops. It's a great little place to poke around in. We checked out the furniture store and the bakery and a super girly antique store. While we were in there, we heard someone talking about the MANtique store next to it, and we decided to check that out. There were all kinds of contraptions and geegaws.

Our bartender rooting for the wrong team.

At 5, all the shops closed up and we still had an hour to kill before dinner. We found a cute little shack like bar and ordered drinks and settled in to watch the Hawks lose at the end of the game. Our bartender was an Ohio State fan, and so he cheered at the most inappropriate times.

We had a really nice and romantic dinner at the Tuscan Moon again. The guy ordered a martini. I'm not much of a martini drinker, but he was really sweet and offered me one of his olives...Which I do love. We always split our food. This time we got crab cakes as an appetizer and then split the shrimp fettucini pasta and the grilled shrimp and scallops and garlic mashed potatoes. Truly amazing.

I got some great time with Coadster today. Stinky was at work, so Coadster came back from her dad's while I was watching the end of Invictus and then we went to Menards and looked at junk for a bit. It was a nice way to spend a drizzly Sunday in November.


laura b. said...

Oh, that weekend sounds amazing! Although I am not much of an actual shopper, I love poking around cute shops :-) And I love sharing a meal.

rel said...

That Amish hat is all you girl.
I like nothing better than rummaging around antique (junk) shops. Furnished our first hose with such finds. In fact our current kitchen table was a flea market purchase 40 years ago.

SkylersDad said...

Everybody needs a bonnet and jumpy shoes!

booda baby said...

Isn't it interesting, how much more cooking and eating is involved with a romance? Or getting to know ANY other person, I guess. It's nice. Keeps everyone well fed. :)

Mnmom said...

I remember the Stringtown Grocery store - is it still there?

Sounds like a good weekend.