Thursday, November 04, 2010

Crosseyed and Painless

I'm photoless right now. I'll try to take some this weekend.

Right now, I am so ready for the weekend. I need a day or 50 off. Tomorrow I'm supposed to pick the guy up after work and we'll come back to my place for pasta, wine and a movie. I can't wait to just relax.

Saturday, Stinky works all day. In the afternoon, the guy and I are supposed to check out some used book stores and then head to the Dublin to bug our friend S. when he opens the bar. I don't know how long the guy will be able to stay at the bar, but afterward, I think we'll probably get some food and see how tired he is. That should all be a lot for him, I'm sure.

Sunday Stinky works most of the day and I'll try to run and take care of some house stuff. After she gets off of work, I think we're going to have a little mom/daughter date and catch a movie somewhere.

How about you all? Do you have big plans for your weekend?


NoRegrets said...

Trail maintenance and working- woo hoo!

laura b. said...

Your weekend sounds good to me. I miss my DR weekend hangouts. This weekend should be pretty quiet and will probably involve a movie or two.

SkylersDad said...

My wifes relay team party on Saturday and sunday is swimming.