Sunday, November 14, 2010

Every Day is Such a Perfect Day to Spend

With the guy in Mount Vernon as reflected in the mirror.

Wow. This weekend started with a bang...Or an explosion of sorts. I picked up the guy and we came back to my place and made some fun cocktails and started fixing dinner. I had the salmon all ready to throw in the oven after I had the veggies cut and ready to saute'. I set the glass pan on the stove and turned on what turned out to be the wrong burner to start the couscous. While I was turning around to talk to the guy, I heard a loud sound and shards of glass shot everywhere. Damn!

Apparently, I turned on the wrong burner and it heated up the glass pan the salmon was in by accident and exploded it. It was very sad and I felt like an ass, but the guy was amazing. He started cleaning everything up right away and since we had to throw the food away, he just ordered a great pizza and paid for it. He was just glad I didn't get hurt by the glass flying all over the place. All we could do is laugh about the great exploding glass pan fiasco.

On Saturday I had a nice long run during the day. Stinky was at work until 1, so I had most of the day to myself. It was a cold, blustery, sometimes rainy day and it was just fine to stay home and get some things done.

Around 3:30. I picked up the guy and he asked me to come inside. He had told his mom the story from the night before and she went out and bought me a new glass pan. So sweet.

We headed to Mount Vernon. The weather was crappy, but we still wandered around in antique shops, and then went to a wine bar around 5 while we waited for a table to open up at the restaurant next door. We ate around 6'ish and it was lovely. We like to order two different things and then split it. Everything we got was really, really good. It was such a nice night.

Today I took care of some things around the house. I finally finished getting my screens switched out for storm windows and getting everything put away for Winter. My trees finally dropped their leaves right after the city stopped picking them up. Stupid trees. Stinky and I got some lunch together tonight. We've been trying to do something fun together every Sunday. It's just so hard sometimes to get her to make time in her busy schedule. It must be hard to be a teenager...


laura b. said...

Aw! I'm getting a little crush on The Guy from reading your posts :-)

I try to arrange to spend fun time with Girlie Girl and sometimes it is very challenging!

Pamela said...

Seriously. I agree with Laura! I'm so happy for you, accident and exploding pans and all.

rel said...

Inspite of disaster the evening turns out well... there is an omen there.
My favorite trick is to pre-heat the oven without first looking to see what's been stored in there.