Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lady Be Good, Do What You Should, You Know It'll Work Alright.

The guy in front of a used book store.

This weekend was lovely. On Friday, Stinky went to the game and I picked up the guy and we went to my place and ate pasta and bread and drank wine. It was such a nice night.

The guy showing my favorite bartender some love.

On Saturday I had a nice long run and did some chores around my house. At 3, I picked up the guy and we went to some used bookstores. Of course, earlier in the day we had talked on the phone about all the books we wanted to look for, and by the time we made it to the bookstore, we forgot most of them. We did get some cheap books, though.

After that we headed to the Dublin to give our friend S. a hard time. He made me a couple of wonderful Margaritas and the guy drank some whiskey and a beer or two. After that we headed to the Motley Cow and ate appetizers and salmon. We finished up the evening at my place for a bit before I dropped him off at home. We both agreed it was wonderful day...And a prefect weekend.

Today the weather was perfect. I ran my 10 mile route in shorts and a t-shirt. In Iowa. Weird. After Stinky got off work, we had a mom/daughter date and went to see a movie. It was nice to get to spend some alone time together.

Okay, I need to go to sleep and get ready for the week. It will be hard to leave this weekend behind.


rel said...

I love those weekends that fall into the "perfect catagory."

NoRegrets said...

Glad you had a great one!

Tara said...

What a great weekend you had! That's awesome!

Salmon can taste so good sometimes. We had salmon skewers (I'm too lazy to look up the proper spelling of shishkabob) during a campus meeting once, and they were so tasty.

SkylersDad said...

Can I just say that Motley Cow is a wonderful name for a place?

laura b. said...

I just love used bookstores! So many things about that weekend sound so good :-)

Mnmom said...

I think I remember that place!
I liked The Haunted Bookshop.

booda baby said...

And that's what so sweet about blogging. That weekend is captured and put in all our little treasure-box minds.

It's pretty thrilling, knowing you're spending such good, good time with someone who seems to equal to your honest-to-god wonderfulness.