Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now I'm a Fat House Cat Nursing My Sore Blunt Tongue

Here is a pic the guy took of me and Archie when we first visited him at the shelter. The girl crush suggested the name and Stinky really liked it.

So, I got the call today. They liked my application and I got to take the new boy in my life home tonight. He is quite the sweet, spastic, tornado of a cat, I must say. He tore around our house for the first couple of hours - hanging from curtains, running into walls and sliding into tables and couches. He finally wound down and jumped up on Stinky lying on the couch and fell asleep on her belly. I think it's safe to say that Stinky is in love.

Here he is playing with the cat dancer toy the guy got for him.

I have one more day of work before I'm off for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I'd love to call in sick tomorrow and just stay home and play with Archie all day. At least the girls will be home. It will be hard to leave him for however many hours to go to my Aunt's house on Thanksgiving. Do you think they'd mind if we brought him along?


rel said...

Happy Thanksgiving cat lady.

booda baby said...

1. They won't mind a bit.

2. I like this SO much - 'tornado of a cat.'

3. I also like knowing I'm here for so many of your beginnings. I like beginnings; you've got some really good ones lately.

SkylersDad said...

The new addition to your family looks great!

laura b. said...

Archie wants to go too! Can't you hear his little voice...Please mommy! haha!
Congratulations on the new addition to your happy family!

Brando said...

Congratulations on the new kitty, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and don't let the kitty pee on the basement floor!

Tara said...

Archie is freaking adorable! Now you need another kitten and call her Edith! :) One cat at a time, though. Congrats on the new family mempurr!

jeci said...

What a perfect way to kick off the holiday season! Adorable little Archie gets a new home. Nothing warms my heart than hearing about people falling in love with their new pets--especially rescue pets. Way to go Churlita (and congrats!)

dmarks said...

I have always liked that song, which was on the "Twilight" soundtrack.