Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Kicking Through the Autumn Leaves

Here's that wacky bookstore cat again.

Weird thing about today...We got an email from someone in our building informing us that they were shutting off our electricity at 3:30. I never was clear on the particulars, but it meant we got to get off work an hour early. Since it was sunny and in the 70's in November, I jumped at the chance.

I had already run about 30 miles in the last 4 days and Stinky had plans with some kids before their youth group meeting, so I decided to pick up the guy an hour early. Of course, the minute I got off work, the clouds and wind kicked up, so we walked around downtown a bit and went to the Dublin for a couple of cocktails. It was so weird to be in a bar in the afternoon in the middle of the week. I don't think I could do it all the time, but just for something different, it was kind of nice. Emily, one of the bartenders I love, was working. She made us great drinks, provided us with some pleasant conversation and was pretty damn adorable doing it all.

We went back to my place and made dinner together. I've never dated a guy I could actually cook with...That's the problem with all those guys with control issues that I dated in my youth - no fun. It's so wonderful to talk and drink wine and chop veggies together. I doubt I'll ever take that for granted about the guy. I made some rice and shrimp and tofu stir-fry and miso soup. It all came out beautifully.

It was another incredible evening.


Tara said...

I LOVE those sort of surprises at work when we get to leave early!

SkylersDad said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

laura b. said...

Reading your entries lately makes me miss DR so much! That is probably a good sign for both of us. There really are good men in the world :-)