Thursday, November 18, 2010

I See the Bright and Hollow Sky

I forgot my camera and had to steal D.'s photo from FB. Boom Boom asked me why I never posted about him on my blog anymore and I didn't want to let him down again.

Sooooo. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of buying my house. Crazy. So much has gone down since then. I still love my house and so glad I bought it - no matter how house poor I feel sometimes.

Tonight I went to the Dublin after giving plasma. Erik and Boom Boom were in town. I hadn't seen Boom Boom (I love calling a guy with a Phd Boom Boom) in well over a year and it had been several months since I saw Erik. I met Erik's current girlfriend and filled him in about the guy. I think it's kind of nice when you get to a point with your ex where you're totally fine talking about relationships with them and feel good that they're happy.

I stayed a little longer than I had planned, but there were so many people out that I wanted to get to talk to as many of them as possible. I finally took off and gave my friends Shecky and K. rides home. Lovely, lovely.

The even cooler thing, is that tomorrow is Friday. Yea! Both my girls will be in Cedar Falls for the state football championship. I'd be surprised if they got home before midnight.

The guy and I are planning on making dinner. I'm just going for simple with salad, miso soup and spicy peanut noodles.

On Saturday, the guy and I are visiting another small town. I think we'll either go to Kalona or the Amanas. I'm sure wherever we choose, we'll have fun.

And what about all y'all? Will you be wondering what happened to the last year, or creating adventures in the current one?


rel said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since you bought your house. Did you get all your cabinets redone?

Going to start putting outside Christmas decorations up this weekend.

Dexter said...

Great picture! (and my word verification is dinterm which i am not sure i can verify as a word) dodgy business this internet security

NoRegrets said...

I wish I could talk to M's most recent ex. I know her...but it just doesn't seem right...

laura b. said...

This year has flown by. It has been a mix of good and bad, with the good coming out on top for sure.

Have a great weekend! That dinner sounds delicious...I love miso soup!

Not Fainthearted said...

I am so happy at how things are going for you with the house and with the guy!

Wish I could comment more but all I can do is read from work.

Evil corporate fire-wall keeps me away from Teh Komentz Paigeh.