Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Play With Me and You Won't Get Burned

Firetrucks by my building.

Today we had a fire in my building at work. It wasn't a bad fire, but it did get us an hour outside and away from our desks. we were able to go back in and sadly, none of my work got ruined in the hubub.

I had a nice night with the guy tonight. I introduced him to my friends J and S. and they all got along really well. S. is our friend Bry's sister and the guy has been waiting a long time to meet her. It didn't hurt that J. just adopted a really sweet hound dog from the pound we got to meet him too.

Afterward, we went out for Mexican food at a place called Banditos. It was really good and the margaritas were even better.

Aside from the fire at work, it wasn't a bad start to the week at all.


rel said...

Everything seems to be progressing apace.

Tara said...

We had to evacuate the building a few weeks ago because the alarm went off. There wasn't a fire, though, one of the construction guys tripped the alarm by accident.

There was a fire across the street from our school last month. Some people in the apartments had to find a place to live.

Ananda girl said...

I can almost taste the margarita!

laura b. said...

Getting The Guy all blended into the mix...nice!

booda baby said...

It sounded all good until you mentioned Gracie. Oh. You DIDN'T mention Gracie? I guess that was OUR hound dog. Aye. As sweet as they make them (except when she ran into racoons) and soft and easy and FULL of love. And hound dog instincts.

Jeeeezus. No wonder my old farmer friends laughed when I told them about her. No WONDER your friends had to go margarita-ing.