Thursday, January 01, 2009

These Boots Aren't Made For Walking

Well, kids. I slid into 2009 just fine last night. It was really fun, and only clouded a little by a poor footwear decision. Best of all, I spent $7 the whole night. Woot!

I bought a pair of black boots to replace my older ones. I could only get them at Target, because that's the gift card I had. Unfortunately, the only pair they had were higher healed than I'm used to. I bought them anyway, and figured I'd just have to suck it up and learn how to walk in them. The problem comes with the fact that I walk pretty much everywhere I go, and it was icy. So, my boot issues did tend to plague me a bit.

Anyway, I walked to my friend's party and there was tons of food and great folks, and Guitar Hero. Around ten, we got rides down to the Dublin where we met even more fun people. The bar owner kept handing out all kinds of party favors. So, we had beads (that we didn't have to lift up our shirts for), long phallic balloons, feathery masks and every kind of noisemaker (which, of course, I didn't need). We set off right away to use our props as ridiculous photo ops.

I was very careful to pace myself with my drinking. It meant that the excessive noise making wasn't as funny to me as it was to everyone else, but it also meant I didn't wake up with a hangover this morning either.

Did I get a midnight kiss? Yes, but it was just a friendly one. A guy I knew was in from out of town and had been trying to hang out with me for a couple of days, but either I had my girls, or he went to bed early or whatever. We had been texting each other back and forth all night about our whereabouts and he finally made it to the bar right at midnight and planted one on me. It was all nice and friendly like.

After midnight, we decided to head over to the Picador for the dance party. My friend K. and her boyfriend went ahead because I was being pokey saying my goodbyes. The minute I got outside, I got a call from Mr. B. He wished me a happy new year and told me that his son was having friends stay the night and things were kind of loud and crazy at his place. While we were talking, two cute young frat boy looking types stopped me to ask for directions. As I turned around to help them, I slipped on the ice and fell. Awesome. They were so sweet and tried not to laugh, but I was laughing so hard, and Mr. B. was laughing over the phone and giving me shit about wearing hooker boots and I had another reason to curse my damn footwear.

I got off the phone with Mr. B. once I hit the Picador with a promise to call him later that night when I was on my way home.

The DJ was pretty good and I did some dancing, but again, the boots were a detriment to me getting my groove on.
Finally, I was tired of dealing with the pain, so I decided to make my leave. A couple of the guys I was with tried to talk me out of it, but I really had no idea how I was going to walk home then, I couldn't imagine how much worse it would be if I dragged it out any longer. I left the boys with some good suggestions for afterhours parties. One of them said, "So, what you're saying, is that he's my date for the rest of the night?"

I said, "Yes, I guess that's what I'm saying," and took off. I called Mr. B. and he "walked" me home. I'm glad I had him on the phone to make me laugh and take my mind off how much my feet were killing me trying to maneuver on the ice. We talked until around four, when we were both nodding off.

Today was nice and mellow. The girls and I always see a movie on New Year's Day. It's a tradition passed down from my mom, when we were kids and really poor and didn't know if we'd have enough money to see one the rest of the year. The best part about today, is that tomorrow is Friday, and then I have another whole weekend again. Hooray! I hope your New Year's Eve celebrations were memorable for all the right reasons and that you all made wise footwear decisions.


another good thing said...

wait. no pictures of the heinous heels?
I had my own text issues that night- should have listened to the horoscope that said booze brings out boogie man...argh.

DJSassafrass said...

You looked super hot!

NoRegrets said...

Happy New Year!

Brando said...

I didn't think it was possible to have a good time fro $7 outside of Tijuana.

Happy New Year, Churlita!

laura b. said...

Looks and sounds like such a fun New Year's Eve. Let's you just know it is going to be a great year, right?

Tara said...

Gotta love those interesting party accessories! That looks really fun, I'm glad the boots didn't get in the way to much. As Zeta-Jones said in "The Haunting" remake, "Small price to pay for such savage kicks."

Happy New Year!

dmarks said...

Great title. I'm a major Nancy Sinatra fan.

Would you mind giving me a link to the Baby Seal blog? I looked in Google and found a lot of Baby Seal things, and I don't know where to begin.

Minyo said...

Happy New Year! Have you bought new boots yet?

booda baby said...

Yap yap yap about New Year's Eve boots and blogger threw it away with all sorts of error messages. Rat bastards.

Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

Improper footwear is an abomination. Always remember Lt. Dan's two lawsfor life and you will do fine..."Two standing orders in this platoon: One, take good care of your feet, Two, try not to do anything stupid, like getting yourself killed."


Susan said...

I was a DD for my little brother and his friends on NYE. We went and saw half of The Spirit. If you haven't seen it...I suggest you don't. Or if you really want to I suggest you go at it completely drunk.