Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please Don't Keep-A Me Waiting

Here are some more photos I took last week when I was bored and waiting for the show choir photo shoot to be over.

I have one more day to get through before things get better. Just one day. I can handle one day, can't I? Then I have three glorious days off and the temperatures are supposed to warm up forty degrees to be in the twenties on Saturday. I'm sure it will feel like Summer to us, and I won't be surprised to see idiots wearing flip-flops and shorts either.

Here is a trumpet player messing around with his mute.

I'll just warn you right now that I'm going to be talking about the weather tonight. Call me shallow and boring, but the weather is the most exciting thing going on around here. I woke-up to 46 degrees below zero with the windchill and 21 below zero normal temp. I'm fine, I have all the right clothes for layering and walking a mile to work. Of course, the people in Iowa are so awesome, that they won't just offer you a ride when they see you walking in that cold, they'll insist on it.

I walked a half a block before an older gentleman stopped and offered me a ride, not even knowing where I was going. I politely declined, because I'm 43 and am finally smart enough not to trust strange men. I walked one more block, and a college girl was walking to her car that was warming up in her driveway. She asked me if I would please let her give me a ride to wherever I was going, and that time, I took it.

When I got to work, it seemed a little chilly, but the longer we sat at our desks, we realized there wasn't any heat coming from the registers. Apparently, some pipe exploded and most of the heat in our building and a few others was out. Sweet. It was partially heated, so it was closer to 50 degrees inside. It wasn't unbearable, but really annoying and distracting. We were told the biology building was the priority because of the animals. I think the facility guy's big joke was, "Hey, lab rats are expensive!" Ha ha ha ha ha...Shut-up.

Anyway, the heat started working by around two, but then it went into overdrive. The facilities guys came by and said, that they were waiting on a part and they couldn't regulate the heat. It was either full on or all the way off. Which did we want? We all said, "cook us." So, we spent the rest of the afternoon and we'll probably spend tomorrow being uncomfortably warm.

Here are some of the kids in the jazz combo.

So, like I said, tomorrow will be another brutally cold day, and then I'm off for three. My girls have had snow days since Wednesday. They will have a 6 day weekend altogether. I'm so jealous. Stinky got so bored today, that she cleaned and organized her room. She came out with a trash bag full of clothes for Goodwill. Maybe we should have excessive snow days more often.

Stinky also wants money, so she's cleaning the kitchen in addition to her normal vacuuming. Hopefully, I'll come home from work to a nice clean house. The girls and I are planning on running at the rec building, and then I'll make stuffed pork chops, rice and steamed broccoli with white sauce for dinner. I think Stinky's going to a basketball game, but I'm going to stay home and watch The Wrestler and drink a beer or two. It sounds like heaven to me right now.

The rest of the weekend, I plan on running and hibernating. On Sunday I'll go to a friend's house and hopefully watch The Steelers win their way into the Superbowl.

Okay, kids. Stay warm and let me know how your weekend is shaping up.


Remiman said...

Although I like the challenge of braving the elements, my favorite way to deal with sub-zero days is to fire up the wood stove and watch the weather through the windows from a comfy rocking chair by the stove.
Unfortunately, I'll be watching it through the windshield of my car,

Nate said...

The Wrestler is awesome.
But also brutal at points. Be prepared to cover your eyes.

Pamela said...

May you enjoy your toaster oven at work today. And of course your weekend.

Minyo said...

We're being forced into hibernation again today. No school for the second day. My house is getting cleaned a little bit at a time. By the end of the weekend, it just might sparkle!

A said...

Oh I know the cold - we're only going to reach a high of somewhere in the 40s today and won't see the 60s again until at least Sunday, but its artic air invasion time ya know.
I don't even know where my gloves are!
Sorry just had to comment

Susan said...

VoR and I are going to watch Eagle Eye at the dollar movies and then out to the bar. I'm going to eat pizza and love every minute of it.

The rest of the weekend I plan on deep cleaning my house.

dmarks said...

Awesome and brutal. What more can you ask for in a wrestler?

laura b. said...

Weather that cold doesn't seem real to me. It is, like, beyond my comprehension.
I've heard good stuff about The Wrestler. I am finally going to get a chance to watch Mamma Mia this weekend. And hopefully movies and laundry will be the sum and total of my weekend adventures.