Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Haven't Seen the Worst of It Yet

Here are some snowy stairs. Please watch your step.

I keep forgetting to tag someone for this week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word. So, I'm finally tagging Nor of No Regrets blog. What'll it be, princess?

From what I hear, tomorrow when I wake up we're supposed to have even more snow and the windchill is going to be about 15,321 degrees below zero. I know. I'll need to dress in layers for my walk to work again. Then, at some point in the day, I'll go rob a bank and plan a trip to a balmy exotic locale. It should be super awesome. I'll be sure to send you a postcard.

The word for this week is maintenance. With Stinky's basketball schedule and Coadster's show choir rehearsals, (their choreographer is in town from Los Angeles, so they have daily practices this week) the little time I have is all broken up between pick-ups and drop-offs. I'm only running about four times a week for about three miles each time. Normally, I run about six miles, 5 or 6 times a week. I've also gone back to the "clean my house for an hour a day" thing. I do one load of laundry, water one plant and wash as many loads of dishes within that time. It's not horrible, it's just busy, so I'm cutting myself slack and trying to be happy with the shit I can get done. It's actually going surprisingly well. The prize at the end of this week, is a fabulous, fun-filled three day weekend. Except to get the girls where they need to go, and to run, I plan on doing very little and taking on the role of shut-in. I can't wait. I have somehow come into the possession of some awesome movies that are getting Oscar buzz and may or may not ever get released in my town, so I'm finally going to give myself that stay at home date, as many days of the weekend as possible. I'm so excited.

Oh, and one last thing before I go to bed. With all this cold and wind, my entire world is as dry as a sun-dried bone. The air, my skin, my hair and my thoat are super arid extra dry. I would love to bathe in warm lotion right now. That is all.


Susan said...

Today I was running outside to take the dog out in my tank top and yogo pants. Yes, I for some reason forgot it's winter in West Virginia.

Enjoy your shutin weekend! I'm planning on shampooing carpets in the new place. It comes very close to making me ill to think of how dirty they are.

Pamela said...

churlita - lotion! water! saline spray for the nose!

And oh, the pressure.

dmarks said...

"I would love to bathe in warm lotion right now. That is all. "

Some people might pay to see that, too.

movin' down the road said...

here. today. high winds. 8 degrees.

laura b. said...

Hey, isn't your oldest daughter about ready to be driving herself around soon? Or is that not a good thing...
I need to get my hands on some of those movies. Maybe I'll finally join Netflix.

Minyo said...

Movie watching sounds like fun!

This weather is crazy cold! Be careful out there walking. A total stranger asked me to give her a ride today and I obliged. It's nasty out there.

NoRegrets said...

Yeah, you say you're choosing me, but you have right in your text:

The word for this week is maintenance.

so there you go.

booda baby said...

I do not like your word for the week. It's a little too close to home. I'd like to get wayyyy past maintenance and into progress territory. I think a bath in warm lotion would go a long way to making that happen. Thanks for the good idea.

Churlita said...


I will. I hope you do too.


I need some saline spray for my nose for sure.

Also, the word "maintenance" is for my life this week, not the Scavenger hunt. Sorry, if that was confusing for you.


They'd probably pay to see someone else do that...


Yeah. I'm supposed to wake up to 20 below actual temps and 40 below with the windchill. I win. Too bad this is a contest I don't want to win.


She doesn't seem into it. Plus, I have a stick, so it might be harder for her to learn.


You are so nice. I bet they really appreciated the lift.


See my comment to Pamela. I think You guys may know each other...


I know. Progress would be wonderful, wouldn't it?