Monday, January 12, 2009

Well That's One Way to Lose These Walking Blues

A recycled photo of the Life photo shoot that took place when I was in high school.

Lawd Jaysus, but I'm tired. It was a crazy busy day at work and then there was all that snow to shovel and all that cold to get ready for, by gassing up my car and buying enough food so that I don't have to leave the house for next month. Whew! I suppose the good and bad news is that my ex is directing a play, which means I'll have the girls almost every night for the next month. It's bad in that I won't be able to go out socializing much for a while and I'll miss seeing my insane and wonderful friends. It's good in the fact that I won't be able to go out socializing much for a while, and I think the slowing down and hibernating just might do me some good. I could use a little rest after the holidays.

I went into the weekend knowing that it might be the last time for a while that I have that large chunk of time without my girls. It's not like I'll never be able to go out, I just won't have the freedom of not being responsible for making sure my girls get home safely on a Saturday night.

I went over to FMDM's house around eight to watch the second documentary about the video game olympics in Ottumwa. For some reason, I can't remember the name of it. It was pretty interesting. They basically expanded on King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. There was a lot more footage of Twin Galaxies, but I never could really tell which was my favorite Centipede machine. In the movie, they tried to make it seem like Twin Galaxies was the premier Video game arcade in Ottumwa, and they did have more machines than any other place, but as my sister says, it was where all the scurves hung out. I did a little brain exercise at one point to try and remember all the names of the cheerleaders in the photo shoot, and realized that three out of the five were named Tracy. Weird.

After the movie I went downtown to meet some other people. It was kind of an odd night. A lot of people converged on the Dublin, but not all at the same time. So, FMDM and his friend Adonnis (as far as I know that's his real name) showed up earlier and then left before my hot crazy friends showed up. Their loss.

I was very good about just having a couple of beers and then drinking water the rest of the night. Luckily, a little bit of alcohol goes a long, loud way with me. By last call, people were using their gloved hands to help others stick finger guns in their mouths, and that was my trigger to take off.

Just as we were stepping outside, this group of crazy, cuckoo kids stopped us. The guy had one really ugly blue shoe and was trying to get women to step into it and become his Cinderella. It was one of the few times I've ever been glad that I had freakishly large feet.

My friend, Dr. Lyd fit into the shoe just perfectly and the guy was spastically happy, until she informed him she was already married. He and his friends wandered off bemoaning his rotten luck and I finally went home and promptly fell asleep. So, the story had a happy ending...Well, for me anyway.

How about all y'all? Did your weekend stories have happy endings too.


Susan said...

That is one of the most original things I've heard from a guy in forever.

I am, yet again, stating I should probably move there to find a man. lol

Tara said...

Sunday was made for watching movies. "Underworld" was on, then that night I watched some of the Golden Globe awards, then watched Dane Cook's special on Comedy Central. I felt like a couch potato.

Pamela said...

Ah, the blue shoe. That's great.
I made up a new recipe, and still have not written it down. dammit.

MrManuel said...

I am going to have to watch that film as I love King of Kong.

laura b. said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I know the resulting tiredness is worth it, right?
Do you really have freakishly big feet? Mine are ridiculous.

Not Fainthearted said...

A blue shoe, huh? That's original anyway.

Nothing nearly as fun up north here.

How about that acceptance to Iowa State for my kid, huh? Boy, would he be pissed if I came down to "visit" him and ended up at a dance party with you guys!