Friday, November 21, 2008

The Cold Comfort of the In Between

Here is a photo of a truck that drove down Iowa Avenue one day. I think it's very Iowan, don't you?

Damn, but it's hard to blog on Friday night. Even when I don't go out. Really, all I want to do is, lounge around and stare at stuff. I'm glad I'm not going out, or would be the boringest person at the bar. Which may not be any different than any other night I go out, but I'm usually a little less brain dead on Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night...I think I might just go out after all tomorrow. K. wanted me to go to the Mill and see some people we know play music. I told her I was broke, so I.M. told me she'd see if she could get me on the guest list. Then my friend Sara invited me to a party on Iowa Avenue where they are supposedly making pitchers of mojitos and mint juleps. I have a feeling it could be full of artsy grad students, but that would be interesting too.

Okay, kids. That's all I can do tonight. RAWK!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have never been to Iowa, so I am not sure about the truck looking Iowan..I slept most of Friday afternoon and into the night.. I was up @3:15 am.. I had enough sleep..Boring at this hour..

Remiman said...

Maybe that's why bears hibernate; they run out of mojo.
Are there any bears in Iowa?

dmarks said...

That must be Mr. Firestone on the truck. For some reason, I imagine his first name being Harvey, but that is because of a celebrity with a similar name.

laura b. said...

Sounds like a good weekend to enjoy the free riches of life :-)

*sigh* I love poor Elliott Smith.

Anonymous said...

I've been taking Friday off for a few weeks. I hope you had fun on Saturday.

movin' down the road said...

ha ha. when things are tight, I stay home and watch cable and eat cheese and crackers.