Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And I Warn You Now, The Velocity I'm Gathering Will Knock You Down

It looks as if I'm running out of photos to use for the blog. I'm such a wuss about the cold, that I don't get out like I was doing when it was warm and nice out.

Today after work was crazy busy. I thought about trying to run, but I didn't have a lot of time before supper club, so I wimped out. Instead I finally finished The Book Thief. I started and stopped reading that book for over a year. I'm not sure why, I liked it, it was just that I'd set it down and something would come up and then I'd forget I was reading it, and then I'd get back to it, and something else would come up...Anyway, now it has officially been read, and I may just go back to another novel, I've been the same thing with - White Teeth, by Zadie Smith. I also have George Saunder's CivilWarLand in Bad Decline to read. I guess I'll just have to see what kind of mood I'm in tomorrow.

We went to The Hilltop for cheese fries for Supper Club tonight. They were greasy, good and cheap. Just how I like 'em.

I got home in time to help Coadster get ready for her trip to Ames, Iowa tomorrow. She leaves school in the afternoon and will stay in a hotel with the other All-State kids until their concert on Saturday night. We all went to see her last year, but this year, her dad is the only one going. It's just not fair to make Stinky hang around for 12 hours on Saturday again.

It will be just me and Stinky for the next few days. It's weird to think that in a year and a half, it will be just me and Stinky wandering around our apartment all the time. I can't imagine it.

Both of these photos were taken on Halloween. I couldn't tell if this woman was wearing a costume or some kind of decorative hair ornamentation.

Tomorrow night should be another busy one. I'm going to try to run, make dinner and then take Stinky to basketball practice. While she's there, I'll meet some friends to watch the Steelers at The Vine until Stinky's done with practice. Then I'll stop by and do a cameo at the bowling alley for my friend John's birthday. I can't stay long, but I at least want to flip him a bunch of shit and make fun of him, so he knows I'm still his friend. It is his birthday after all.


Remiman said...

An allstate concert in Crossword puzzle, Iowa. It sounds like a great time.
I did that once. Only we went to Kingston, NY. Never seen that on a crossword puzzle.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Do they win prizes for this competition/State concert?

Tara said...

Yeah, that woman looks like she's sporting a picket fence surrounding a bunch of flowers. I actually think it was something not meant for Halloween.

I can't remember where our All-State choir went to, but I remember staying in a hotel with some friends - we may have driven down to Columbus.

laura b. said...

At least you bother with actual pictures you've taken. I just grab images off the www :-)

It is so disconcerting when your kids start growing up. I've gone from living with 5 of them to living with 1.5 It is quieter, but I get lonely when I never had time to before.

Churlita said...


Ames is in the crossword puzzle a lot, isn't it?


No. It's just a big honor and Coadster is getting scholarships from music departments at private colleges because of it. I suppose that's kind of like a prize.


I'm still not sure if that's a costume or not.

Were you in All-state for choir?


I don't get lonely so much, it just feels weird because I've had kids since I was 26. So, I've spent most of my adult life being a parent. I assume the parent never ends, it's just ever-changing, right?

Poptart said...

Love the picket fence hair pic. That is weird - I never thought of it that way that the younger kid gets to hang out alone with the parent (if around, that is - I know I am speaking very generally here Churl) when they can remember it, and the older kid is around alone with the parent when the parent remembers it... interesting.

Does Coadster still wanna be a brain surgeon, by the way?

booda baby said...

You could probably write just "The Hilltop" and "the Vine" and I'd sigh in satisfaction. Damn good blog, that's what I'd say, after the sigh.

Go GO Coadster!!!!

Churlita said...


Yeah. That is weird. Although, the youngest kid probably isn't into hanging with their parent all the time at that point.

She wants to get into music education right now. Check back in 5 minutes and I'll probably have a different answer for you.

Booda Baby,

The crazy thing is. The vine and The Hilltop probably haven't changed much since you were here. The Hilltop doesn't have shuffleboard anymore though. Wah.