Friday, November 07, 2008

Sounds of Laughter Shades of Life

Here is one of the last photos I took of beautiful Fall foliage. The other day, there was a huge gust of wind and I saw almost every leaf fall off the tree outside my window at work. I'm sure all these trees met the same fate.

Soooo, I went out tonight and it was fun. I drove, because I didn't think I'd feel like drinking. But you know how it is, Erik bought me a beer and then K.'s boyrfriend, A. bought me a beer and next thing you know, I'm wishing I had walked downtown.

At one point, my friend K. was trying to help me out by being my wing person, but she was a little too drunk to do the job effectively. She saw a hot guy standing behind me, holding his jacket and waiting for his beer. So, she turned to him and said, "Hey, if you want, you can put your coat underneath her and she'll sit on it for you..." He looked confused and then horrified and then K. and I started laughing hysterically at how NOT helpful that was. He very politely declined and then I'm sure he made that twirling of his finger around his ear motion to his friend, to indicate how crazy he thought we were. Again, it's not like I'm looking anyway, but I'm glad that happened, because I'm sure we'll laugh about that for years to come.

I switched to drinking water and was trying to sober up, when we left our bar stools and went to sit at a table with some friends. Of course, I sat in between two people, one of which I knew and the other was someone I didn't know, but from the conversation it sounded like she might be currently dating the guy I dated last Winter. Which was fine, I like meeting new people. As it turns out, she and the guy who was sitting on the other side of me, both just happened to be Republicans. I really like the guy, no matter what his politics, but I also really don't want to have to talk about Obama's tax policies at a bar. I'd also rather not have someone try to convert me to their religion at a bar either. If you want to talk about sex, or drugs we used to take when we were young and stupid, or music, or which Star Trek movie sucked, or point out hot girls or guys to me, I'm right there for that, but anything very serious, makes my head hurt. The good thing was, it sure sobered me up really fast. I was in great shape to drive K. and A. home and get to my place as well.

The moral of the story tonight is, don't let your friend try to hit on a guy for you by asking him if he wants you to sit on his coat. Trust me, it doesn't work. And if you're trying to sober up, just sit between two people who want to tell you all about tax policies, it is one sure fire way to do it.


Poptart said...

That whole night actually sounds weird Churl. Was it OK being around E?

I am glad you're doing the NaBloMe whatever thing but it means I have to be better at keeping up on my reading!!

Tara said...

Here I thought she was going to ask him if he wanted your beer, since she was your wing person. But her suggestion was much better. I wish I had seen that guy's expression. Hehe.

It's always sad when the colorful leaves start falling off the trees. I mean I know that's why they call it Fall (or maybe it isn't), but I wish at least some of those leaves would stay.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I'm learning o so much about dating/meeting men from you!

Minyo said...

I agree about the politic thing. It's impossible to change a republican's mind when they're drinking. For that matter, it's pretty much impossible to change a republican's mind when they're not drinking too :)

Cricket said...

Offering you up to sit on his coat - a true gesture of friendship. A very funny one.

Sitting amongst the Republicans reminds me of having to listen to my ex-husband. I just shut my mouth to keep the piece, but then he somehow mistakenly think I agree with him.

laura b. said...

Some people just don't know their bar etiquette! Clearly political talk is o.u.t. Geez. And I'd say, if a hot woman offers her hot friend up to sit on your coat, you give that the big 'hell yeah!'

Churlita said...


It was fine. I don't feel anything for him besides friendship. I always like getting to that point with an ex. It's so much easier.


I know,. That tree outside my office window was so bright yellow, that it really helped to see it on bad days.


That scares me. Unless you mean in a "what not to do" sense.


I know I'm not going to change my mind and they should know they're not going to change my mind either. So, lets talk about something goofy instead.


I don't shut my mouth, I just try to redirect. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.


The funniest thing about that whole transaction is that I'm pretty sure he was gay anyway. At one point my friend worried that she scared him out of the bar and I said, "No. I think he's sitting over in a booth with his boyfriend." Too funny.