Friday, November 28, 2008

Flash - Ah - Savior of the Universe

So, how was my Thanksgiving, you ask? Well, it was pretty good. Hanging out with my family didn't make us too crazy...Okay, maybe I better just speak for myself.

We ate and talked with the family and celebrated some kid birthdays we had to catch up on. Then we went home before we got too overwhelmed and tired. Too bad the big dog had to stay and tough it out.

My girls were the only older cousins who showed this year. They were outnumbered by the younger ones. Younger ones, who apparently were trained in the double light saber Ninja arts.

Poor Stinky seemed to bare the brunt of most of the Munchkin attacks.

She fought valiantly, but found herself overcome by constant, savage little people skirmishes.

Until she finally broke out her extreme wrassling maneuvers. At first she used what her uncle called a half Willie Nelson. Or was that a full Willie Nelson? Anyway, she took the ankle biters down and sent them flying, restoring order throughout the land.

Oh yeah, and there was a super cute puppy there too, so the story had a happy ending. Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope your day was full of food and well-fought battles...And cute puppies. Lots and lots of really cute puppies.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving.

There was a really cute little black pug puppy being walked past our front door as we left this morning. Does that count?

Remiman said...

A perfect holiday for years of memories.
Glad you had a good one.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

So instead of touch football there was wrestling.. A new tradition... Glad you had a great time..

dmarks said...

Mrs. Hairy: Feats of strength. It appears that the Festivus season is expanding just as the Christmas season is.

Dana said...

Cute photos! Happy Thanksgiving.

laura b. said...

Aw! What great pictures! I have no puppies to report, but there were some ankle biters in attendance...

Tara said...

A post with kids, puppies and light sabors! What more could one possibly ask for? :) Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a wild and raucous Thanksgiving. There were also cute puppies, that's cool.