Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coming From Uranus to Check My Style

Here are some photos I took of my favorite art - low art at the Picador (Gabe's for all you ex-pats) beer garden.

Oh, kids. I can't even begin to express how tired I am. I've been doing the sleep-deprivation thing again. The only good thing about it, is that after a couple of days, I get kind of goofy and high from it. I sit at my desk and amuse myself by all the bizarre thoughts that come through my scary brain. It's like taking acid, but legal and I don't have that weird scalp tingling thing either.

I really love that they were smart enough to have someone (does anyone out there know who painted these?) paint the walls instead of collecting stupid drunk graffiti.

Thank the good lord that tomorrow is my last day of work this week. I wish I could spend the four days off resting and relaxing, but I have some miles to drive and some relatives to spend time with before I sleep. Here's how it's looking:

Tomorrow night, I'll just go running and then go to a store to get something for my cousin's kid's birthday. I have no other plans, except for that cleaning for an hour gig I'm still trying with varying rates of success. Yesterday, I got home from work and the city was out on the street working on the pipes. We were without water for most of the night, so I said screw it, and played video games instead. Oops

Thursday, the girls and I will head to Ottumwa to see the family. We'll drive back that evening, and depending on how I feel, I may stop by my friend K.'s Thanksgiving party. She said she would love me to come and bring some estrogen to what she is sure will be one big, testosterone filled, sausage fest

Friday will be my "get my shit together" day. I realize how delusional I'm being here. I really need a "get my shit together' century, and even that would only be a nice start. Anyway, I'm giving myself a day, and we'll see how that goes. Oh yeah, I would be VERY surprised if there was any Christmas shopping going on in my world.

Saturday my siblings should converge on my house for our annual Christmas celebration a month early. I'm sure there will be some eating and some opening of gifts involved, and then whenever they all leave, there might also be some hunting down of the remote control from wherever my three year old niece put it or where my sister hid it from said niece.

Saturday night is the annual Wanksgiving thing at the Picador. FMDM's band is playing and DJ said she was going to be there with some folks too. Mr. B. still says he's planning on showing up for it. I'm just going and having a good time no matter who shows or doesn't.

Hopefully, Sunday will be a day of rest for me. I will surely need it. Okay, lay down your holiday or resting and relaxing plans in the comments


Tara said...

I'm thankful that our cousins, aunts and uncles don't reach out to us too much, because the only place I'll have to travel to for Thanksgiving is to my mom's about fifteen minutes away. My brother and his loud family will be there too and it'll be a nice pig-out fest. I demanded, too, that my brother get me "MarioKart" for Christmas. It seems definite.

Remiman said...

Work, eat with friends, work.
weekend= lv. for Tx.

dmarks said...

I've been to a beer garden in Bavaria, but did not know they existed outside of Germany. Not surprised though!

Minyo said...

You were well justified in playing video games instead of cleaning. Who can clean without water, anyway?

Good luck on getting your sh*t together on Friday. I've been trying to do that all week and it doesn't look like anything has changed. Although, the windows and the refrigerator are clean. What more do I need?

jenny said...

I really need a "get my sh*t together" day, week, month... as well. How did I get so unorganized?

Have a great Thanksgiving with the family!

Susan said...

Tonight I may be working at a bar--it matters how busy it is. If not working, I'm fully planning on drinking.

Tomorrow- Football and probably more drinking and eating and being merry with the family.

Friday - Surely collapse from exhaustion. Watch the Backyard Brawl football game. Go out and dance until my legs ache.

Saturday - Again, hopefully collapse from exhaustion. Go where the path leads me which is possibly on a date with a new guy.

Sunday - Laundry.

Mr Atrocity said...

Wow that is a lot of going places, going stuff to fit into four days. Then you get to rinse and repeat come Christmas time too? Youch, I'm glad we only have to do Christmas.

NoRegrets said...

I hope to make a wonderful thanksgiving dinner for friends, past and future. In CA.

Churlita said...


You are lucky. I like seeing my family, but I hate driving the three hours or so there and back.


That sounds great, except for the working part. I bet Texas is nice and warm.


Most of the bars here have beer gardens or outdoor patios, it's the only places in bars where you can still smoke here.


I'm impressed with you clean fridge and windows.


Thanks. You too.


Except for that Sunday laundry day, it all sounds like fun.

Mr Atrocity,

Actually, right now it looks like Christmas could be pretty mellow. I hope it stays that way.


I am so jealous. I used to work at a ski resort not to far away from Joshua Tree when I was younger and I'd love a few days there right now.

Poptart said...

I never knew you worked at a ski resort. How did I miss that chapter? Are you a great skier?

OK, for me I am making rolls tonight (from scratch!), then watching a movie, then going tomorrow to brother's place for Tgiving with them, my dad and his wife, and my grandparents, then waiting anxiously for my new computer (bought on credit, in a panic) to arrive, and then doing laundry sometime and teaching on Sunday morning and going to a meeting for the Christmas play I do on Sunday. It will be a fun weekend!

Hope you and the goyles have a great one and I might steal your clean-for-an-hour idea...