Saturday, November 15, 2008

She's Got Legs, but She Forgot How to Use 'Em

Well, shit, kids. It looks like I done fucked up the whole NaBloMe thing already this month. Did I even make it halfway through? Hell, who knows. What I do know, is that I had a lot working against me.

First of all, I wore these polka dot tights out tonight. Do these tights look like the kind of things you'd wear if you seriously thought you'd get home by midnight to blog? No, they certainly do not.

Secondly, my girl crush was in town. What? Did you expect me to leave the dance party early? Impossible.

Then, not only did Poptart come to town, I had a special guest appearance from the frozen tundra that is the UP of Michigan. That's right, Rachie drove down too. That brings the tally to Three fun friends visiting.

Here's Poptart being so cute that I don't want to go home early. I blame her.

We also had a lot of hair learnin' to do. Did you know this guy puts Elmer's glue in his mohawk to keep it perky like that?

Plus, the bartender chicks were totally hot and who wouldn't want to stay a little longer to talk to them? No one, that's who.

And what of the guys?

I think the guys seemed to really dig me. I would hate to disappoint them by depriving them of my presence. I'm not a total asshole.

So, yeah. I screwed up and now I'm not officially a NaBloMe participant, but I think I'll still keep trying to blog everyday for the rest of the month anyway. Maybe next Friday night I won't have so many obstacles in my way. Maybe.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

With all that fun going on.. No wonder you didn't want to leave.. You look like you're having way too much fun..

Cynnie said...

I hope you put those legs to good use :)

dmarks said...

Ohh. a Yooper! Does she say "eh?"

Tara said...

Who would want to leave that party early? It looked like you had a blast! Nice boots, btw!

Remiman said...

Real time friends beat NABLOMO all to hell.
Nice legs.

laura b. said...

You have your priorities in order. Friends trump blogging EVERY time...and that looks like a very good time to me :-)

M. Robert Turnage said...

NaBlowMe is something we should celebrate all year long. Not just at one designated time. I try to keep the spirit of NaBlowMe alive in my heart always.

Poptart said...


THANKS for a superfun night Churl!