Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Ain't The Worst That You've Seen

So, in addition to bathrooms and fire escapes and old barns, I also like to photograph train tracks.

Friday night was fun and all, but I was still sick, even though I tried to pretend I wasn't. I had the worst sore throat ever when I woke up on Saturday morning and I was weak, weak, weak. I dropped the girls off at their job and I went straight back to bed and slept until after one in the afternoon. Jaysus, but that was a lot of sleeping. The rest of the day for me involved more sleeping and lying around. Luckily, the weather cooperated and was sufficiently cold and shitty, that I didn't even have to feel bad about not leaving my house or changing out of my jammies the whole day.

Here are the tracks for that passenger train that goes to Kinnick Stadium.

Around 3:30'ish the girls came home from work and they were freezing after standing outside for however many hours hawking Hawkeye stuff. Coadster went straight to her room to take a nap, but Stinky wasn't quite that tired yet. The friend of mine who burned those movies for me, also gave me a gallon jug of really good apple cider, so I made Stinky and myself some toast and heated some cider and put cinnamon sticks in it and we did some lying on my bed with lots of comforters and watched the first Adams Family movie together. Then she fell asleep.

Here are the stairs closer up that lead to the parking lot at Kinnick. I guess I should also mention our win to Penn State this weekend. The kids in town seemed to be really excited about it.

On Saturday night I was still sick, so I made some soup and had more hot cider and watched The Hulk movie with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. I never saw the other Hulk movie, so I don't know what that was like, but this one seemed a lot like the series from the 70's. I loved that show and Bill Bixby. There was even a scene where Ed Norton was watching The Courtship of Eddie's Father on TV and Lou Ferrigno played a security guard at one point too. Very cool.

Here are the steps on which to board said train.

Today was a little better, but I still wasn't 100 %. At around 2 I went to see Coadster's show choir thingy. It's called works in progress, and it's really more like a dress rehearsal for the two high schools in town. Coadster is really good at the dancing and smiling and singing all at the same time. Can you imagine me trying to dance on bleachers and smile, instead of making that horrible dance face I always seem to have? I guess it would at least be funny.

Speaking of funny, the other high school performed Van Halen's "Jump" as their closer, and it cracked me up on so many levels. I tried to imagine going back in time and taking the band aside and saying, "Hey, guys? You may be flying high now (some of you in assless pants) but you might want to see what you can do to make this song more show choir friendly, because this is your last album together and 25 years from now, high school kids will be dancing around in poofy hair and sequined outfits and actually flashing jazz hands to your rock. That's right. Oh, David Lee Roth? You'll have a lounge act in Vegas eventually, and Eddie, your hot young wife will be in a series of Jenny Craig commercials. Okay, have a nice day, dudes..." It would probably be almost as bad as if I told them they had to pick the brown M & M's out of the candy dish by themselves.

Well, I better try and hit the hay. I've been used to getting hundreds of hours of sleep in a day and I'm sure going to work tomorrow will kick my ass all over the place. Night, night.


Poptart said...
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Poptart said...

We're on the same sleep schedule - I slept til like 1:30 Saturday because it was so cold and I finally could (well, besides taking the dog out). I've spent the entire wknd (besides teaching today) trying to clean and cold-proof my apartment, and it's not working. The only warm place is my bed.

And now I don't feel like I can go to sleep because there is so much left to do. Luckily you just posted - yea!

Mr Atrocity said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Not only do choirs now perform "Jump", there's a lovely folky acoustic guitar version by a guy called Eric Roche. Ah, how the mighty have diversified.

I always wondered who got all the brown M & Ms?

dmarks said...

The first Hulk Movie is not worth watching. It features Hulk poodles. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. But it also had both Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno as security guards. A tiny part, but perhaps the best part of the movie.

Remiman said...

Rest and liquids...lots of both. That's the ticket. I hope you're feeling better today!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I managed to get some naps in throughout the weekend.. it was cold here and dreary too.. The best part of being sick is not getting dressed and laying around.. I hope you feel better and hopefully work won't kick the shit out of you ..

NoRegrets said...

I think if any of us knew where we'd be in 20 years we'd be scared...

another good thing said...

very funny. and nostalgic. we used to walk the train tracks in the woods behind the neighborhood, leaving pennies to get flattened... until that Stephen King novella spooked us away forever.

laura b. said...

I'm glad to hear you were able to get some rest, apple cider, and movie viewing in.
I laughed and laughed thinking of you filling in the Van Halen guys on their future...

Susan said...

I imagine going back to 7 year old me and being like "Guess what we're going to be doing in 20 years". A part of me says she'd be all upset 'cause we're not married with babies but knowing how I was then she'd probably just be insanely pumped because we have our own phone line and "barbie house".

Man 7 year old me rocked.

Tera said...

Oh Churlita, I'm glad you're feeling better! I soooo love warm cider, and you know what...I made a fantastic pot of chili this weekend...that's the good stuff...for the soul! :)

**I was totally amazed by my word verification here..."thinfa" is that totally not "fat..." thinner? LMAO! I get so crazy sometimes!

Brando said...

Aztec Camera did a slow, slacker-ish cover of "Jump" some years ago, too. But I'm sure it pales in comparison to a show choir cover. They should follow up with a choir version of "Hot for Teacher."

Feel better. It looked pretty damn cold there when we watched the football game on Saturday.

Churlita said...


You're good. I need to still clean. I'm going to try to run today too and that helps my sleep schedule a lot.

Mr Atrocity,

Maybe they donated them to bands that were less fortunate than them - like Night Ranger.


I don't feel too badly about missing it.


Those two things seemed to really help. Thanks.


I know. I love having an excuse to do that once it gets cold outside.


I don't think I'd have been back then. the only thing that would have bothered me is the whole being old and single part. I was pretty messed up back then so anything would have sounded like an improvement.


We used to do that with the pennies too.


It was actually the perfect sick girl weekend...If there is such a thing.


I wish I had known the 7 year old you. She seems pretty together and cool.


mmmm, chili. I'm really jealous now.


I would be the happiest girl in the whole USA if they had done a cover of "Hot For Teacher" after that.

booda baby said...

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't have time to come live vicariously. I was too busy getting through my own sorry cold. Yours sounds so sweet. My involved wine. And 'Get Smart.' And being as happy as we could be that Iowa won but that they won without us sitting in that cold looking stadium.

I hope you felt better today. I can hardly believe you're already looking at winter.

Tara said...

I hope you and your throat are feeling much better now. That heated apple cider sounds so right at this time of year. I went to choir tonight and it was so freakin cold outside when I walked back to my car. Good sleeping, comforter and duvet weather, though.

Churlita said...

Booda Baby,

Yeah. We're staring down the barrel of Winter. I'm glad you didn't have to sit in the cold at Kinnick to watch the Hawks win either.


Thanks. I'm actually getting my voice back and I'm not half as tired either. Hooray!

Mary said...

Ya, Valerie Bertinelli was in Jenny Craig commercials . . . But look at her now, she looks amazing!